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    He has 30 years. I have 17 years of being underwater. He may be highly profitable with 9" of limp dick and be married to a super model, but I don't doubt he is trying to be helpful.

    Just stating my case of what I would find helpful.
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    Is that the same DR Bob who use to use CCI and then went the median lines route?
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    I'm not sure where Larry Sugar lives, but modern 50 year olds look 70.

    Fuck I have seen 15 year olds who look 20!

    I have said too much.
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    Yes. And I feel sorry for him that he was caught up in a trading cult. Woodie shoulders the blame and every other moderator who desires fame and admiration more than reality!
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    Two examples:


    Prospectus won the highly covered stock pimp award, probably around 2005 or so, for not faking the funk and providing concrete, actionable ideas. He is still going strong and input such as you will find on his blog is highly appreciated! Did I mention he is a rocket scientist?

    In this highly acclaimed, award winning trading blog, trader-x (whom the latest iPhone was named after) has left an everlasting trail of his method, complete with charts and an explanation of the methods.

    Larry Sugar, I believe in you! If you would like to follow either example before your manhood merges with the machines, please do share! If not, I find your posts not only entertaining, but spookily prescient!!
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    I think you have him mixed up with some other Dr who got swept up With Jim woodie Jones..Dr Bob bolted and started his own trading room..Lots of people went down that dirty rabbit hole and never made it out.
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    Maybe so. I know one of his moderators committed suicide after tremendous, hidden losses.
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    Larry Sugar,

    For your trolling pleasure. 2011 pic.

    documentary pic.jpg
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  10. You kind of look like a cross between Billy Drago and Seth Godin;
    [​IMG], o_O
    (...and maybe throw in Sam Elliott into this mix,)
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