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    It's generally one and done for me too! I am also going to leave ET alone during the trading session, because of it was real money I would not be logged in during the session.
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  2. Zodiac4u


    One and done is a great practice to incorporate for a beginner! But with one caveat. I will not walk away from a loss. For every entry i have a reversal play. To walk away from a trade with a lose is the same as going to bed after you argue with your wife! Your mind holds on to the negative and it will attempt to work against you the day after. So when the pan is hot you need to get cooking.
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    I am not a beginner. Hmmm. It's a great practice for me!
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  4. johnnyrock


    • Same plan as before until the selling subsides
    • Stand aside on range bound days
    • 5' momo/1bp plays to the downside
    • No chart necessary - waterfalls abound
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    When I was part of the blogging community I noticed that there were a lot of unprofitable traders - some of them were the most helpful - that were constantly telling others how they should trade.

    Once again. Post charts. Methods. Not concepts. This is for any "helpful" person. Not just the current crop!

    Google Dr. BOB with the Woodster. Fucking dude killed himself because he was broke (millions in losses), and not only was he a moderator, but a teacher of a failed method. However, they were just trying to help!
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  6. Ditch


    Noobs think you're a noob. Not good. You better kick some noob's ass and learn them to respect you.
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  7. Zodiac4u


    I wasn't referring to you, more so toward the new or old who aren't familiar with the idea.
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  8. vanzandt


    Lawrence..... with all due respect.... you're an idiot.
    First off, having lived a hard life builds character. Second... I realize you spend 90% of your time watching porn and spanking your monkey.... but I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.... hot girls love guys that look like they've lived a hard life.

    Instead of giving cut and paste advice from everything ranging from parroting trading education sellers.... to Joel Olmstead on life, investing, and diets.... crawl out of your f'ing cave and interact with people in the real world.
    Why are you such a dick?
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  9. Everyone in the real world...whatever that means staring at their phones.
    So the real world, and virtual world, are essentially the same thing...intertwining with each other.
    I guess you can say it's part art, part science. :confused:

    How is your kid doing...did he get that Supervisor position at the Amazon Distribution Center warehouse plant?
    If not, he can always start his own Trading Academy website. and/or be a YouTube star reviewing electronics and sports cars and pranks.

    It's 2018...the Sky is the Limit,...High-Five`, ET extraterrestrial trader

    With the development of VR virtual reality and apps and what not...The real world and virtual world is a true hybrid. The future.
    Everyone will eventually be like Neo in The Matrix.

    We should all get together one day...and eat beef ribs.
    We can bring our dogs together beagle would have sex with your pitbull, and produce weird babies.
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  10. vanzandt


    Dude... you're weird.
    And its OK to be weird... but when you feel self empowerment by putting someone else down like you did above on JR....
    Do you not realize that speaks volumes about YOU?
    Probably not. Do your thing pal.
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