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    I meant playing momentum on both sides and did not comminicate effectively. For me its just easier to spot during crashes.
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    Rabbit trail:

    I may be the onlyboerson who cried for Dexter on the series finale. Dexter had finally connected with his soul mate, but to protect those he loves ...

    Well, you just have to watch.

    However, I bet I am not the only person who roots for the hare in his race against tje tortoise; plod along thru life with a meager existence or run in brief spurts having a lot of fun on the journey?

    The choice is yours.

    If you root for the hare, this is the KEY to the 3bt.

    If you see a story with the title 3bt, scroll to the first 30' chart posted by me before the story. Look at the last three bars. Its probably right there - at least this time.

    If its not on the last three bars, find that pattern in the post. Its always three bars and it is a concept that is widely known; however, my criteria ia a bit different.

    You would be surprised at the gains produced from this pattern.

    If you wait for it!
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    A picture is worth a thousand words!
    • Billboards are cheap!
    • Land is expensive
    Mayor Suthers - Captain Coward of the CSPD you better hope this market venture does not work. If it does, I will buy a piece of property and post these three images on my own land!

    These pics are worth more than gold!

    Screenshot_20180206-070503.png Screenshot_20180206-070756.png Screenshot_20180206-071038.png
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    sorry i wasn't implying a You. I was just making a comment regarding staying on the side of momentum. I did see you posted The 1550 area as the line for momentum weakness. But I've never fallen in love with any specific valued areas that represented a particular point of weakness if breached. Reason being is that whenever we've had a larger daily range, that range had it own areas that would show momentum weakness. Markets move in waves and there are always area's of that wave that momentum would drop off. Most times on a strong bull run the momentum weakness is really a pullback just as it is on a Bear sell-off. Market movements are directional'y random. They always provide opportunities, but the opportunities are some times small. Since there directional'y random how do we know if the movement will be small? We don't. But even if there small?, small cash is better than no cash.

    I will follow up with proof on those momentum drop examples later. Its coffee time.
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    Are you seeing the Volume this morning on the 1mn es chart? 17k to 29k a 1mn bar.
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    Trade result:
    • stopped with major slippage (after hoirs + illiquid contract

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    No worries. I appreciate the feedback and I misread the post.
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    These ranges are not for the faint of heart. so long 2 point stops.
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    It does provide big moves but at big stops. CL seams to be low risk for keeping scalps on the low risk side, but earnings are small.
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