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    Yes. But there does seem to be a psychological and health benefit to owning up to misdeeds. Just judging from my own personal experience. However, I prefer the public domain to a private tell all with a religious leader.
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    Recognizing and owning one's weakness's and failures is a first step in growth. Whether to one's self, a confident or at large is a personal choice.
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    I already greed with you earlier on this.

    check this out:
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    I have found value in new age, astrology, numerology, the Bible and plain old positive thinking! It seems there is a lot of agreement in certain areas. Those have been the most effective (forgiving others, withholding judgement, etc.).

    I will watch the vid this weekend.

    Thanks for posting!
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    Check out the Sep contract:
    • Sell when this low breaks, 2550
    • Momentum
    • Note the break away gaps
    The first time I made real money in the market was when the energy stocks were tanking. It was early in my trading obsession so I can only attribute it to luck.

    The biggest lesson I learned was how fast markets drop.

    If you are losing money that does not maoe me happy. However, boom and bust cycles are the norm now. You just have to identify which market is tanking.

    Support/resistance means nothing when the market is ripping.

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    Enron sucked for the employees, but with thw wide spread selling across the sector, money was easy. The sad part for me was that the selling happens quickly.

    So the easy money disappears fast.

    I wonder what might happen if a trader was only participating (long or short) when there was a clear direction in the market and only trading on the days when money was moving, aka momentum.

    The trader would probably be really, really rich!
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  8. The Crooked E - The Unshredded Truth About Enron (2003) ...good movie, I have seen it several times over the past,
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    The 3bt:

    One thing you quickly learn in a street fight - unlike the bs you hear when watching the UFC - is that most fights do not go to the ground.

    I am not saying I could whoop those guys, for sure.

    However, most street fights happen when people are intoxicated. Its easy to spot the real fighters, they come with power. Some cheat. Many start with a sucker punch.

    Very few fights - no matter the skill level - last long.

    People get tired!

    But the reality is most people are just talking. They won't fight. Thats what bullies count on! That you won't fight back.

    After a hard day of illegitimate labor - who am I kidding? - my days were filled with leisure and our work days had a flexible schedule.

    Amy, Doug and I made $800 on this particular Sunday. Split three ways in the mid-eighties, it beat the hell out of a regular job.

    Although we were not employed, we were truly professionals. Businessmen.

    Back then there was a certain sub culture that was ignored, actually two. Fags and fat people.

    Thats what made the caper so beautiful.

    The only reason I was let in on the Kmart caper was because I knew what it was to be different.

    My long golden locks was bully bait: from cops to the neighborhood brawler.

    I knew a secret to getting women that is never taught unless you were initiated by a master.

    "Johnny, the first thing women look at is your shoes!"

    A truer statement has never been uttered!

    Now I have never worn Alligator shoes, but I will throw on a pair of burgundy wingtips with a dark pair of jeans. Always have, always will.

    I have also been known to wear a blue converse on my right foot and a yellow or red converse on the opposite appendage.

    Hats are cool! But the shoes are key. I would learn later that if you were looking for a connect in an unfamiliar neighborhood look for the kid whose shoes match his hat. That's a player, a businessman, an entrepreneur.

    So you can learn a lot from people just by looking at their shoes.

    At the time, Amy was an aquaintenance and I had just received a dire medical report from Trish.

    I met Trish in a popular hang out on the North side of Tampa. She was there with her boyfriend. In the golden age, I was always fishing for golden girls.

    Trish was a golden goddess: 5' 9", gorgeous face and one of the few women whose hair was longer than mine.

    I couldn't help but imagine myself pulling her hair from behind like a cowboy yanks the reins of his horse, albeit a different pressure for sure! Steady, firm tugs. Manly tugs.

    When Trish wandered over to the juke box, I made my move. I had noticed her looking at my shoes. We had made eye contact for a brief moment, and I knew the hook was set.

    The other secret that most men don't realize is that women do the choosing.

    But its up to you to make the move.

    Strike while the pussy is hot!!

    "Nice shoes."

    Normally, I am not looking to take a man's girl. Maybe just tug on her hair a bit, bite her clit or at the very least suck the flowing juices from her nether region.

    Now I must admit its hard to tell very much about a woman by her shoes. However, I could smell money! I still can. Trish was in college, but she was a trust fund baby. Jackpot!

    Until I fucked it up!

    In the olden days of golden ways we didn't have caller id. When the phone rang you picked it up. It wouldn't have mattered either way. I was out of gas.

    It was only three or four months since our first date, the night she answered the door in a bath robe, grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Remember, girls do the choosing.

    I guess it was better that I answered the phone.

    "Johnny, I went to the doctor today."

    Like any normal person I was concerned.

    Like any person who is not normal, I had no idea what was coming next.

    "You might want to go to the doctor."

    Unbeknownst to me I gave Trish crabs. I had heard that you could kill crabs with gasoline, but if you have ever seen what gasoline does to styrofoam you will not take that chance.

    "Amy, I need a favor."

    I guess it was my openness about my medical condition that endeared me to Amy, or maybe it was my shoes, but my guess is that Amy had a fondness for me because I accepted her as she was: fat and kind of funky. I wasn't trying to bang her. I just needed a favor.

    Maybe it was because I did not judge her by her chosen profession. I knew she was a thief - and a good one. I just needed some crab meds from Eckerd's, the drug store.

    Thats when she let me in on the Kmart caper. I don't know that I had ever stepped foot in a Kmart before.

    Kmart was the only national chain that would allow customers to return items without a receipt for cold hard cash at full value.

    So here I am with the fag hag and lisp whisperer. Another odd couple for sure. We had just picked up dinner from Publix.

    I liked shrimp and steak.

    Why pick up peanut butter and jelly when the price remains a constant zero.

    Four stores. $200 a pop. We each had a job. My job was simply to return items that had been boosted from the other store - as they were doing there thing - stealing another two hundred of Kmart clothing.

    They had a system. Pretty easy actually when you are fat or a fag. Remember, back then being fat was not so common. Being gay was like having the plague.

    Most people deliberately avoided looking at either one. Except for bullies. They look at everyone to tear them down.

    Our car was full of bully bait!

    Johnny Rock, the fag hag and the lisp whisperer.

    Traveling down US 19 we were confronted by four men in a shiny, red toyota. My guess was those young men - late teens - were driving Mommy's car. It sure was pretty.

    You know you can trust someone to have your back only when it comes time to get down.

    The two guys on the passenger side were yelling at Amy. Sorry, but that is a person. Maybe I just like to fight or maybe, just maybe, I watched too much Superman as a kid. Fighting for the underdog.

    Perfect! The light up ahead is red.

    Then one of the kids - we were all kids - called me a faggot.

    "When I get done whooping your ass, I will fuck you like a faggot."

    My M-O has always been to make sure I get your attention. The cars are both stopped and this kid pulls out a sai - its like a frog gig for humans. At least I knew I had that fucks attention.

    We pelted that pretty red toyata with glass jars full of shrimp cocktail. You should have seen how fast they ran that light! It only takes a second to leave an impression, or several dents!

    So yeah, 30 years later and I will still fight for the underdog.

    The problem is that my fight with City Hall will cost a little more than goods gotten thru ill gotten means. Got that!

    I certainly hope you do.

    But I can see a genuine momentum system, for lack of a better word, that pays quickly. The hard part will be waiting.

    But what I am learning is that the market is just like Trish, Sandee, Heather or Courtney. You save a lot of heart ache when you wait for the ones who are choosing you.

    Hey guys. Valentines is coming up. You know that girl you have had your eye on and you are too scared to look her in the eye to see if she is choosing you, here is a tip - from a Master.

    "Hey, how was your Valentines?"

    You have about a three day window after the chick super bowl for that line to work. Its the only line I have ever used and I only do it if I am a bit intimidated. Hey, we've all been there! I wasn't always a Master! I once was just like you - an underdog!!
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    Playing one side charlie always leaves the best money on the table for someone else to pick up. Those sweet returns are ment for only the flexibly nimble and not the ridged. 80 days wiped out in 6 or 7 days. Dats the real moola to take home. woosh! did you hear the cash ragister ringin? it wasnt a gingle lingle, it was a thump from a big sack of cash hitten the ground. :p
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