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    I long for the good old days of trading when the dummy system produced consistent profits, trading blogs offered encouragement and actionable, free ideas (traderx, Richard at MtM, Prospectus, trader Eyal).

    I anxiously await the day TAILofTheTape is a reality. Whereas most trading educators are offering up a plethora of recycled ideas - rebranded under their unique umbrella - I promise to add value for heterosexual men and lesbians.

    So, how about a little taste:


    My plan:
    • Scantily clad co-ed drop outs offering up titillating market analysis and trader education
    If you would like to support this venture please donate to my kick starter campaign.

    Your welcome!
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    Ruh oh:
    • Didn't amazon beat expectations? By a wide margin?
    • Check out the daily
    • Watching for 3bt on the downside today
    • Also willing to play a 5' momo play in either direction (up/down) with one caveat - the 5' pause discussed previously preceded by an expansion bar in tue regular session
    When markets go down on great news that is important. However, my number one catalyst for the willingness to play short today is the break away gap that will print if the market sells off today.

    Remember, this journal is not live.


    The Paper Trading Pauper

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    The play:
    • Bar 5, expansion bar
    • Bar 6, the pause
    • Bar 7, entry (on break down of 6th bar low)
    • Stop: dummy style
    This is the type of play that drives you crazy. After the setup, the 7th bar broke the low of the pause, but quickly reversed on bars 8, 9 and 10.

    • breakeven/small gain/nice profit were all possible
    I will only add one piece of advice from Farley, "Enter in mild times, exit in wild times." But the reality is that without an exit plan the nice gain could have been snatched away depending on how long you stayed in the position.
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    Race picks for the weekend:
    • Courtesy of Americas Best Racing
    • Trifecta box
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    This is certainly a great tail without the tape. I really do miss Florida.
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    I gave that little helper up, now if Santa had a Hotti to spare that would be different. Jokes aside It has a negative affect on the intuitive trader, but that's just me.
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    I am giving it up for a while, but that has more to do with the current gun laws than anything else.

    But yeah, trading is hard enough with a clear head!
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    Actually the strait head handles stress way better. you just have to get used to the conditioning process. Nothing easy will bring you forward. the magnet affect will just keep you the same.
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    Breathing works for me (mindfulness). Otherwise, I am a mess!
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    Might not make sense but the brain attempts to protect you by keeping you safe. In other words it doesn't want you to take risks and is attempting to discourage you from changing your direction (behavior). You can view yourself like a rubber band. you can make a change for the better than you some how you go right back to where you started.
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