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    yes they do
    Hey btw... that Euler guy got banned for being a complete loser. And we put our new sponsor in his place too. He had to learn the hard way.
    So you go Johnny Rock.
    I enjoy your prose. A little polish and ya never know.
    Everyone loves a good story.
    Daniel Steele would agree.
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    Guerilla Activism:

    There he is Bald Bull. Behind him is the CSPD's version of Larry Bird.

    I wasn't afraid. Except for a few racial jokes, I haven't offended too many black people.

    Unless its Artie or Gilbert, you should probably not tell the joke.

    From me, not so funny.

    Other than that my conscience is clean.

    I have no reason to be afraid of black people.

    So as Bald Bull is taking the lead - mind you they were behind their protective shields, bullet proof glass - with Bird taking up the rear, Bird is speaking.

    Bird is the Leuitenant from the Colorado Springs police department.

    Bull was built like the white dudes that came out of the Florida penal system. Black dudes, mexicans, whatever. If uou were there you bulked up. The get thick quick program.

    Bull was the enforcer.

    No doubt Bull would have whooped my ass or even the Leuitenant. It would not have mattered. I would have got my licks in. They get paid to fight. I was willing to let them get paid to do it.

    • If you go to you tube and google "cspd memorial hospital" you will see a video of a wannabe thug police officer - a real criminal who body slammed an 18 year old female, WHO WAS IN HANDCUFFS ALREADY, like he was Hulk Hogan slamming a petite female the size of your daughter.
    • True story.
    • Every fucking bit!

    "This is 911, what is your emergency?"

    "This is Johhny. I would like to know if I can report an assault? Its on you tube and it happened right here in Colorado Springs."

    Although she said yes it was the way she said it.

    Honey, would you like some candy?

    That dispatcher answered that question as your daughter would if she was 6 years old.

    Its a 911 call. Find the tape and judge for yourself.

    The gist of that encounter was simple.

    I pitched her in my opening.

    Can I report an assault?

    I led that horse to water and she got hit by the Johnny Jizz.

    In 3 seconds I could point any person to a video of a girl with a busted grill. Perpetrated by a uniformed officer of the law committing a crime.

    The cop was never charged.

    We have about 3 years left to get him charged. His name is not important.

    Elite traders are the real detectives of cyber criminality.

    If you are using multiple screen names they will find you

    To find me, find the tape.

    "Let the Mayor know. He has a war on his hands!"

    Not only did I say it, I said it as if I was auditioning for the 70s movie "The Warriors."

    People expressed themselves in the 70s.

    I love the 70s.

    The police, news media and even First Bank - who closed my account when I continued my elevator pitch when I spoke to the teller - none cared about this girl.

    "Hey, did you hear about what happened at Memorial Hospital" - carrying my voice with the baritone and projection of someone who is used to being heard.

    The internal affairs office has me on recording challenging that Sergeant to a fight in my front yard.

    "You can't keep it together."

    Nope. Not when the whole city of Colorado Springs is running inteference like they are protecting Tony Dorsett.

    Nobody is protecting that girl.

    Or yours, if you live here.

    Bald Bull is standing very relaxed but his eyes have a similar beadiness as mine when he is mad. The Bull wanted to get his hands on me.

    They had their video. I had mine. Old school, hand held video camera.

    I was on video at every precint, more than once. Mostly Stetson Hills, though.

    They were tires of my crusade.

    The Rich Mans Gang.

    Intimidation. Thats their Trump card.

    They had my real name. I tweeted it to them, with the same message.

    I would update them on views of my tweets using whatever hashtag was trending.

    My goal has been the same. I sent a tweet saying that I would expose the cover up that would embarras the Mayor so bad he would probably shoot himself.


    I have none.

    Apparently, they have less.

    • If you are person of means, and you do that simple youtube search "cspd memorial hospital" watch a 27 second video.

    That video that was taken on a hospital security camera.

    240 lb. male
    Black skull cap/thug beanie

    110 lb. White girl

    Troy always said to canvass a neighborhood three times, in different ways, and you sell an entire neighborhood. That money will change your life.

    Troy locked down neighborhoods.

    But. I have the CSPD right where I want them. They are locked down and don't know it yet!

    The thug goes into a sociopathic rage.

    He runs. She is still.

    Until he slams her down into the chair.

    She kicks him in the nuts.

    He picks up a handcuffed, petite white girl, and face plants her, WWE style.

    Here is the kicker.

    A local reporter for The Independant placed a request for information of that event through the freedom of information act.

    The request was denied by those fucks who insist in being called heroes.

    Not my heroes.

    Fucking zeroes.

    • People with guns are always afraid of people with voices.

    Because voices know the secret:

    One neighborhood.

    One fight.

    One girl.

    They can all change your life.

    But I know,

    • it only takes one person.

    A person with means knows what has true value.

    "Who can I call that will take care of this for me?"

    Okay, the truth. Its two calls.

    First call is to your lawyer.

    You know he will make the next call.

    So really its one call from you. Let him call his buddy.

    Not CSPD.

    An appelate judge reared in the city who golf's with the Governor?

    Or maybe you decide to run ads on the metro buses with a pic of that girls face and a petition website to bring awareness. Truly one call. Your web dude. He will also know someone in advertising. Let him make that call.

    Christmas is about family.

    Christmas is about helping those without a voice. Without the means.

    "I challenge the Captain to a charity boxing match."

    I move about so as to increase my lung capacity knowing that my words will project with intensity.

    "There won't be no tasers."

    "There won't be no back up."

    "All you have to do is face that girls family and explain why this criminal is not in prison."

    I mean this!

    "Mayor, you've got a war on your hands!"

    If the Elite Trader sleuths, money managers, former ball players, musicians, comedians don't even pick up the phone, but instead choose to ...
    • what if they pick up a guitar.
    • Write a book.
    • Write a spoken word poem.
    • Start a foundation
    Now, they have something to be afraid of!


    Take this Christmas break and think about what you can do.
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    That's crazy!

    I thought it must have been a joke, but I guess it wasn't.

    I took a creative writing class at the local community college. Still have the book, but that would take a lot of work.

    I just love telling stories. This is a great place to do it.
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    New highs 5' momo play:

    The rules:
    • Dummy style entry and stop on 1st narrow range bar following a series of expansion bar(s).
    • Exit is discretionary
    • Catalysts: new high/low territory, news reversal/continuation
    • Entry and stop always follow a DUMMY-ish style
    • If the pattern takes too long to develop wait on another setuo with clear momentum
    2018-01-22-10-46-07--669077484.png 2018-01-22-10-45-01-1597118227.png 2018-01-22-10-44-13-1517733101.png
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  5. Do you really own a laundromat, purchased from trading options profits?

    If you did, why on earth would you do's a laundromat. Just grow and compound your trading account instead. o_O
    That's like owning a relatively advanced home, and deciding to move to the jungles of New Guinea to live with the tribes people.
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    The Serenity of Stick Stalking:

    When I first met Dani, if you asked, I would tell you that I was on a spiritual sabbatical.

    The problem was - nobody asked!

    Except Dani. Oh, Dani!!

    Dani was like Carrie, Jodi and Sandee. Golden Goddesses. Angels frim the after life.

    It seems I have a weakness for women whose names end in "I."

    Like most Americans, "I" is my favorite subject.

    "Hey, what's that your reading?"

    Over the last several months I had been spending my days hiking, meditating and practicing yoga.

    Yoga is like sex. You don't have to be good at it to benefit.

    That's what I loved about Osho.

    You may know him as a cult leader. I stumbled upon him at the library. I was in search of peace.

    "Damn, she's fine. Did you knock off a piece?"

    Nah. She blew me off. We were both spooky spiritual.

    Friend zone.

    I had given up Bible Thumping for the ancient art of tantric manipulation.

    Anything to numb the pain.

    My heart, however, was too old for nature's rocket fuel - cocaine.

    Cocaine will kill the pain!

    So will meditative copulation.

    Sensual sensations!

    That's what Osho taught. Sex is the purest form of meditation.

    Osho also taught the importance of silence, laughter and living in the present moment.

    Osho taught that eternity is that moment when you are so caught up in the adventure - time stops!

    When I was around Dani, time stopped!

    The planets aligned.

    The only thing on Earth that didn't stand still was my mouth.

    I couldn't stop talking. About me, my favorite subject.

    That might have been the weed, though.

    Nature's elixir.

    Mary Jane. She will take away the pain.

    Mary Jane, the only mutually beneficial relationship I have ever had with a female.

    Cannabis sativa. Cannabis Indica.

    The names of my firstborn twins, Sativa and Indica. The apple's of my eye.

    If you miss that good old feeling of paranoia, smoke a dank Sativa grown under LEDs - the secret is to harvest early.

    If you want couch lock. Try an Indica. The secret? Harvest late!

    Marijuana has always been my meditation.


    A side effect of nature's elixir.

    Osho taught focus!

    "Hey, what's that your reading?"

    "You know about Osho?!"

    Dani loved too laugh.

    Nature's medicine.

    Although I never got that "piece," nor did I find peace that transcends, I have been able to dip in the pond oneness.

    I have been known to cause a tempest.

    Osho taught duality.

    Zorba the Greek.

    A hedonistic monk. Totally spiritual. Totally carnal.

    "Namaste Motherfuckers!"

    A similar concept. Excepting one's humanity.

    Dani accepted my humanity. Leah celebrated it!

    I didn't get a "piece" of that either!

    Damn, I sure got a lot more pussy in church!

    Sex! It numbs tue pain. Just like cocaine.

    However, nothing matches Mary Jane!

    Except for, maybe, meditation.

    Meditation = focus!

    Its been a few years since I have seen Dani, practiced yoga or even meditated.

    That was a different time. A different place.

    It wasn't until I took up the pursuit of stick stalking that I found what I had been looking for - peace.

    When facing a living animal - with its own compass - target panic sets in. It does for many! Probably most.

    Target panic is very similar to being in a live trade.

    Heart palpitations.

    Talking to yourself.

    Prayers to the almighty!

    For those of you, in on the joke, here is the payoff.

    Two tips:
    • combat breathing - four seconds in, four seconds out
    • talk to yourself (e.g., "Don't exit until the closing bell.")
    Use whatever mantra that might help you overcome whatever is causing the heart palpitations - taking profits early, exiting before you are stopped out, moving stops, etc.. All of those real life decisions that make trading difficult in the moment.

    However, use combat breathing to your advantage. That alone will lower your heart rate.

    If your body is showing signs of stress,


    Not at the screen.

    Focus on your breathing.

    Or, you could just smoke a bowl!

    Does it work? Who knows. I'm simply the pauper of paper trading.
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    I am a huge fan of pygmies! But no, I lost the money trading.
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    Conspiracy Corner,

    • Roger Stone's notorious High School election campaign centered on one key point.
    • According to The Duke of Poop, Roger setup the most unlikable person to run against him.
    • He won!
    • The Clintons attended Trump's wedding.
    • Billie boy and Dapper Don have a lot in common (although, according to the porn star he paid off with his supporters money, and it doesn't sound like any TRUMP-ettes were singng glory.)
    • Trump is likable.
    • Jeb Bush? Ted Cruz? The black dude who stabbed someone and wrote about it?
    • Hillary?!
    If you are the type to use words like cuck and soyboy in a sentence, and say it as if you were producing evidence, answer me this.

    Roger is a frequent guest on our favorite show. Really. Its my favorite podcast - a mix of professional wrestling and good old fashion sheep shearing only rivaled by Randy White and Joel Osteen!

    Maybe the supplements work. Alex certainly doesn't work out to maintain his boyish figure.

    But, my bet is cocaine! Really.

    The drip is cool. Sometimes you can almost hear it. Those who have ears to hear will understand. The drip.

    It certainly gives you confidence. Either that or our hero has a horse cock!

    But, what if our hero is actually part of the cabal, hell bent on world domination.

    Belicheck calls the plays. Brady has the talent to do it. Coaching and the ability to execute were key.

    Food for thought:
    • Stone called the play.
    • Trump executed.
    • Our institutions are being torn down through an actual infowar.
    Our hope:
    • The Judges, Congressmen and press that won't let personality run over political progress brought forth by our constitution.
    Globalism = free trade = capitalism.


    If there is a conspiracy, its a doozy.

    Attack the press.

    Send ICE on missions that rival the gestapo.

    Instead of Jews, its brown people.

    Instead of Hitler its the Pied Piper of Racists.

    "Sir, step away from the weed."

    Cough. Cough.
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    Pegasus World Cup:

    My friend James had a dog handicapping system.

    The biggest advantage to horse/dog handicapping is the odds. The greatest benefit is the ability to see the odds change right up until post time.

    "Johnny, which dogs do you like?

    I didn't have a system, but this was going to be a teachable moment.

    In my mind, it seems as though the dog next to the rail would have the "inside track," thus a shorter distance to run.

    "Let's go with #1, #3 and #5."

    The only problem with my picks were the low odds on each of my picks.

    That is what he was showing me.

    So, here is my horse handicapping system that you can follow if you are willing to put in the work. All bets will be placed through

    A 50 cent trifecta box cost $3. The standard $2 bet - trifecta box - totals $12. For you ballers, you can wager as much as your heart desires! All the money goes into a pool - thus the odds.

    America's Best Racing has a contest called the big race showdown with several participants. However, two participants are worth following.
    Screenshot_20180127-050912.png Screenshot_20180127-050859.png
    I will be shadowing Emily and using Dan's picks as a fallback in case there is a scratch and the alternate is going off at low odds like today with Gunrunner.

    Now, just like trading, even though I gave you my complete system we will get different results depending upon on how we play it.

    Take today's race - the Pegasus World Cup - for example. The alternate, Gunrunner, only pays 4:5. (That may very well change at post time).

    Now, Dan has picked this horse as well - as the public will most likely do - so there is a good chance Gunrunner wins outright. If he does win, I end up with a BIG FAT ZERO! In fact if he makes the top three I am out of gas.

    Including this favorite in the bet - trifecta box - lowers the payout. I don't really want any horse in my box to have that low of odds. Why? Watching James pick dogs and going in on the bets with him, we cashed very few tickets. However, the tickets cashed were phenomenal- one even paying over $900.

    Traders will understand this!

    James taught me the lesson.

    "Make sure the juice and is worth the squeeze! Betting randomly on high odds horses is probably not a great system. However, professional handicappers spend a lot of time learning this craft, so pick one and shadow them (how many of us have shadowed Cramer, Farley or another high profile trader?)

    The difference is these picks are free!

    So, why Emily? Simple. Emily is a tournament player. Boom or bust.

    However, at $3 a bet, are you really going to go bust? Even if you do, I am sure you can find a way to scrape up $3!

    I could care less about taking small losses as long as there is a good chance of hittng some large payouts.

    If you followed Dan last year, you would be up around 4 grand if you made the standard $2 bet ($12 total) and followed his picks to a "T."

    There are several ways to do this. Your chances of cashing winning tickets would increase if you box each of the four picks. However, the bet would increase four fold. Not my plan!

    But hey, if you are a whiz kid with programming it would be easy to find out which system has the best expectancy.

    And why are none of the other handicappers on my list to shadow?

    They cash winnng tickets at low odds. Barely profitable! Not my plan!

    Boom or bust!
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