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    Python loops are giving me a headache. However, I have solved one problem.

    The idea has been to play the 5', momo plays, at certain inflection points - trapped traders, new highs/lows, news plays - on pauses (as opposed to pullbacks which you may not get until the move is over).

    So, what did I come up with?

    • Write the program and only run it when it meets the conditions of the momo plays outlined
    • Now? How to backtest a quasi discretionary automated system
    At least it will get me away from the screen and out of danger. Forward testing with good records should give me some idea of the exits I want to try. However, if I solve the backtesting problem then I should be able to code it to run all the time.
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    I haven't tuned into CNBC in years. After the market seemed to have an orderly flow to the downside (view attachment for the day in question or scroll up to see the chart) I checked marketwatch for the headlines. I posted a link and excerpt from something I found relevant.

    Later that night I downloaded a podcast, CNBCs Nightly Business Report. What was the big story? Bitcoin!

    I tuned it out after about 3'. As soon as Bob Pisani weighed in I was out. Holy shit! Boring. I cannot believe I wasted so many hours on that channel over the years.
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    The only job I ever loved:

    I think the main reason everyone wants to be a rock star is because of freedom. My closest brush with an actual rock star is on this forum, just as you. Well some of you.

    Troy was a rock star.

    Stay with me here and I will give you an inside tip on the biggest racket going.

    Here is how it it works:

    Catastrophic storms drive out families, but brings in opportunists of the capitalistic variety. Modern day magicians with sleight of hand, forked tongues and a belly full of greed. You know, like any other capitalist.

    If you dealt with us at A Denver roofing we would gladly pull a rabbit out of that hat.

    I generally write these missives when I am stoned. If I wasn't, I wouldn't admit to any of this.

    Caviar is like a mixture of truth syrum and cocaine. If the big boys ever figure out how to put that in a pill they will eclipse viagara. Hard ons of the heady variety are the most addictive drug of all!

    In the summer of 2009 hail storms hit Denver back to back. Golf ball sized stones. When you peer behind the illusion what you find is this. Professional storm chasers pay a local roofing company 250 grand to use the local name. We then setup a branch office in a high rise smack dab in the middle of the city (instant credibility). Here is what you will find downtown. You will find local milleniums, male and female, from varying backgrounds.

    Katie and Emerald could produce like no other canvassers. Katie was recently released from the penititiary for counterfieting. Katie had big doe eyes, a slender build and large, natural breasts.

    She had the sales manager creeping on her, We didn't have an HR department. Fuck, we all creeped on her. Strike outs all around. Katie respected her vows.

    We won't fire you for keeping a promise.

    However, Katie could do something most others couldn't, get a signature on the dotted line for a pre contractual agreement. We call it "A subject to:"

    She was so good at it we promoted her.

    The company I worked for was out of Texas. I can only say that if the company is out of Texas or Minnesota think real hard about what you do.

    At least we pulled rabbits out of hats. Most chasers simply leave town with your first insurance check.

    When you have potential to be a rock star and are like me you end up a wannabe.

    For me I wannabe doing anything other than work.

    My gimmick was a neck wallet. I shaved my head for about ten years and when you are in decent shape with a shaved head magic happens - throw on the neck wallet.

    Open sesame! People always open the door for the police, well, almost always. It all depends on what you are doing.

    Faux credibility. A snake charmer. That is who I AM.

    I am a trickster. Thor wouldn't be Thor without a trickster. The world needs tricksters like me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have your Thors. The guys with the hammer.

    Troy's hammer was the deadly combination of quick witted country thinking combined with a Southern accent and charm.

    Troy was brought in for that storm as a general manager because of what he did in Miami.

    If you remember, back to back hurricanes devasted Miami. When the storm is that bad residents are not even be allowed to check on their property.

    "Sir, this area is on lockdown."

    I couldn't tell you what Troy said. If I could, I woud be a millionaire too. Well, that and a whole lot of hard work. Ahem, anyway, not a millionaire.

    Troy was. In the world of finance, who has the most chips, Troy is a strong, long dong.

    "Johnny, my father in law is sick ..."

    "How old is he?"

    "We're the same age." Smirk.

    Troy needed the hookup on those stand by tickets.

    If you keep me in weed, rum and the occasional heodnistic opportunties that I fondly run across, I am happy.

    "Elvis said its a done deal. Let me know the window."

    Troy's only mistake were those free stand by tickets to Minnesota everyweek.

    A few days later Troy brings in some rum that was aged 21 years. But that's how Troy was. Elvis couldn't take money for these tickets and so our apartment was stocked with rum.

    Weed, rum and the occasional hedonistic opportunity.

    The paymment required was a bottle of Flor de Cana, nicaraguan rum. Troy went the extra mile.

    Elvis' home country.

    Legal, wide eyed and full of wonderment. The stuff the American dream was built on. Along with the illegals that work on the cheap keeping costs down. Anyway ...

    Troy would go the extra mile. He would carry you if you needed the help. That's how Troy was. Not with money, but knowledge. That's WHO Troy was. A teacher.

    When Troy showed up in Miami, he was pulling a trailer outfitted with a 40 caliber glock, a shower and every modern convenience. As an avid Harley Davidson fan. He didn't have a bumper sticker. He had the truck.

    Miami was a ghost town. First responders. Looters. And Troy, one of the good guys, riding in his lifted Harley Davidson truck pulling a trailer complete witj a fax machine, computer and his black book.

    Days later when the community had returned Troy had already surveyed the damage, but more importantly, Troy had something on lock down - inventory.

    Troy had something no other storm chaser had - committments from suppliers to restore these badly damaged buildings that needed much more than a roof.

    What made Troy great? Troy had the ability to forge connections with others.

    If you are a rock star, you might know Troy. If you wannabe a rock star, act like Troy.

    For the rest of us, there is always trading! The only community I know where good old fashioned community is discouraged.

    Except for the Rock Stars. Guys with fuck you money. Its amazing how the only ones saying fuck you with fuck you money are politicians, comedians and elite traders!
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    • Unplayable for my systems
    • One day does not change the trend
    2017-12-05-07-28-33--858615715.png 2017-12-05-07-27-04--1532542741.png
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    • Even with a fully funded trading account this is not on my list of plays.
    • It does, however, illustrate the main point.
    • If you were inclined to go long, check out the narrow range bar at the .50 mark. 30 to 50 cent gain, or a buck if you are truly an elite trader.
    • My goal is to simply be mediocre.
    Seriously, narrow range inside bars offer a low risk entry where even medocre traders can profit. Hat tip to the Chairman who gave away the dummy series.

    2017-12-05-11-41-41-1257232108.png 2017-12-05-11-41-26--502653025.png
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  6. Where do these groups coalesce? Prison/recommendation from prison/Crime gangs? Someone must know the business and know the candidates for the parts.
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    As far as I know Katie was the only one with a record. She answered a craigslist ad and turned out to be a superstar.

    Besides the trickery of the name, the company did the work they were contracted to do. Warranties, from the company were two years which only affected the very late comers, so that was shady too.

    As far as where to find them, they will find you during a catastrophic storm. Not all storm chasers are legit, but all of them are a little shady considering they know how to work an insurance company over.
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    Can you spot the difference:
    • Daily and 30' setup
    • 5' setup is missing the expansion bars
    2017-12-08-17-28-38-320899701.png 2017-12-08-17-27-24-875961866.png 2017-12-08-17-29-04-1079034890.png
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    JR: Alex, thanks for joining us today.

    AJ: Look, you soyboy piece of scum!

    (Alex's face contorts. I am silent and in disbelief.)

    AJ: I know your tricks. You can't steal Xmas!!

    JR: Speaking of Xmas. Congrats!

    AJ: Thanks to Alpha Power I went from having a 6 inch stroke to a 9 inch stroke.

    (Boyish grin as Alex gives me the smolder)

    AJ: 50% off Alpha Power as part of our Xmas spectacular extravaganza.

    JR: I was talking about your action figure.

    AJ: The globalists are on their backs! My 15" foot is on Soros neck.

    JR: Your feet aren't that big.

    AJ: And Terry Bolea doesn't have a 10" cock, but Hulk Hogan does!

    JR: Hyperbole?

    AJ: No, projection and gaslighting you narcissist cuck.

    JR: Hmmm.

    AJ: I love Jesus. Pray for me to annihilate the Deep State.

    JR: Another reference to deep. Projection?

    AJ: Look you fat cuck ...

    (I interrupt)

    JR: I love the show Alex. Relax!

    AJ: I am hopped up on androgel and Alpha Power. Forgive me.

    JR: That's the first time I have heard you apologize when you weren't faced with a libel suit.

    (Alex glares, menacingly)

    JR: I grew up watching Mid-South wrassling.

    AJ: I am a big fan of the Von Erichs.

    JR: Tragic

    AJ: DAMN globalists pigs. Pedophiles.

    JR: What?

    AJ: The globalists picked off the Von Erich brothers and even made one death look like a suicide.

    JR: It wasn't.

    AJ: Nothing is ever as it appears.

    JR: Unless you are looking at the man in the mirror.
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    Santas little helper:
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