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    Sounds like your trading is not going well? Just a guess.
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    The point:
    • My finger is not pointed at you
    • It is us!
    True stories that are in the news, right now.

    With Judge Moore, the latest development is that he is asking for the yearbook signature.

    Now, if this accuser, in her haste made this up and forged Roy's signature thats bad news, for everybody. The opposite is even worse.

    But, we are ready to crucify some young college kids who boosted a pair of sunglasses. They apologize because of the shame they brought on their country.

    UCLA tool quick, decisive action. Indefinite suspensions. The majority of sports fans seem to want them out for the year.

    Quite a few will make the comparison that every student must abide by a code of conduct that includes activities outside of school functions - much less when you are representing our country.

    But for the powerful?!

    There is a bill thay was brought before the congress, and may have even passed by now, that would reverse some long needed changes with regards to sexual assault.

    If this market thing works out your daughter will go to the best schools. There is a good chance that she will meet a guy like Judge Moore, or at least how they have portrayed, Roy, the boy toy. You can bank on it. Ever since you jad thay beautiful child this is what you have feared.

    Worse yet, we all know these guys exist!

    In FL, you may serve a few years fir raping a child. We don't hear about these guys until a Willie Crane appears on the scene who ends up murdering a child.

    So let's forget Moore for a minute and hold the Republicans to account for one issue. Guys are raping women across college campuses.

    It is alleged that the quarterback of the Buccaneers raped a chick at FSU.

    Jerry Jones fought like hell to keep an abuser on the field. Brady simply let the air out of a ball or two.

    Ball made a public apology for doing wrong and stealing the sunglasses.

    Why do we hold a college athlete to a higher standard than H W Bush playing tje part of dirty old man.

    Powe flaunts it. Power covers it up. Power is the root of the problem. Power is actually the engine, whether you are a ginger comedian whipping your willy out to women who count on you for their living - or whether - you are Ted Kennedy at the height of your power. Ole Ted didn't abuse anyone. He was supremely negligent in a females death. Of course if it was a 15 year old boy they might have had to cover that up. The lack of concern for people crosses party lines.

    The first time I read market wizards I could not figure out why a few of them spoke as if our government could crash at any moment.

    But now, I am beginning to understand. It was worse back then as far as fear went. You had armed black men sporting afros and rifles.

    However, I do not worry about a bloody revolution. The modern day white supremacist wears khakis and not Doc Martins. The clapback has been huge.
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    I won't try to explain ACD trading, but I would keep an eye on the thread!

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    Momentum play:
    • Within the context of a market continually making new highs
    • 1st narrow range bar using ATR1
    • dummy style entry/stop
    This method is not predictive, but it does give a logical place to initiate a trade that is not crowded.

    ATR1 is a simple way to measure expansion/contraction cycle. 2017-11-21-08-26-28-490943516.png
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    Narrow range bar at new highs. Just a t hought!
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    What up Johnny.

    Speaking of NCAA football.... :D

    I am always amazed at how the option writers can predict a stock's swing over the earnings report. 9 times out of 10 they nail it.
    But that being said... they don't hold a candle to the Vegas odds-makers on NCAA football games.
    I took U of M and 11.5 over the Suckeyes.
    But it was within one half of a point.
    How the f do they know that?!
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    It has to be fixed on some level. One or two plays. Maybe they paid off the kicker or something. How do you get an extra point blocked?
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    Keeping track of 1st narrow range bar @ new highs:
    • 8th bar
    • Stopped
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    Fred Talks:

    Ted talks are known for credible experts giving valuable information.

    I have to wonder if there is a market for those of us who tend to lean towards shortcuts to dispense not so credible tips for a life of ease and comfort.
    • Day drinking
    • How to win a fight
    • Hitting on your best friends wife
    Valuable skills for sure!
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