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    You mean Johnny self-deprecating his trading skills? I thought that was funny as hell.
    But...I bet you meant some spam email... ohhhhh.... well.... If that's #sad... you shouldn't let stuff like this bother you. If that's the best you can bitch about.... you're golden Dudeman.

    PS.... "Hashtag" anything is one more fucking retarded sign of our times. Its for sheep.
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    If I could do it all over again I would not change a thing:

    Dave comes into our living room, "Ya want to make it snow?"


    Dave and I didn't have the scarface hook up, but as it worked out, the repair man was there to tune up our his conditioner.

    Rick was not a handyman. He was not even just a Master Craftsman. Rick was building an air conditioning enterprise. 80 hours a week HELPING people. Serving people. That takes motivation. Cocaine was simply the kicker. "Yes, Mrs. Rodriguez. Be right over." Better do a bump on the way. The safety of a service vehicle. Camoflauge within the city limits.

    Rick would make it snow. Who knows who Rick knew? What was important is that we knew Rick. Relationships!

    You'd be surprised the kind of bonds that form when you meet a lot of people and each of you share a common interest.

    It was a different time and a different place.

    Florida, the big swinging Dong of the good ole USA!

    I love this country!

    Opportunities abound!!

    That's where it started.

    The run of all runs.

    I know what a streak feels like. I know how they end.

    I know the power of resurrection.

    Don't worry, no religious b.s. or anything of the sort. No 12 step jargon, Eastern Spirituality, or even new age teachings which is as old as it gets.

    Principles! Life has a way of teaching itself.

    How? After you have lived it, you tell me.

    Life, if you live through it.

    Sorry for the preaching.

    Back to the story.

    At the time, Marshall was dating Vickie - a professional pole dancer. A Master Craftswoman.


    Marshall and I would hang out smoking weed and punch each other in the face on the daily.

    Courtesy of the FL penal system, Marshall was a legitimate middle weight boxer. But, if you happened to find a piece of rebar, well, that's just plain quicker.

    "Johnny, do you want to do money bags?"


    Money bags was Judge Harry Lee Coe.

    Marshall knew of His Honor through Vicky. Marshall knew where His Honor lived and how to get on the compund.


    Familial bonds with people who share a common interest.


    Predator and prey.

    Even nature tells you to watch out for the pretty ones. Especially if you share a common interest.

    The Judge had two hobbies: crack and Vickie.

    Vickie knew Marshall.

    The outlaw.

    I knew, "of him," (His Honor) through the lingerie palace. My side dish worked at Legends - lingerie models. The Judge liked pretty girls. Can you blame him?

    Pretty ladies. The steam that continues to drive the engine of America. Pretty girls = motivation. Way better than a corny poster on your wall.

    Sampson had his Delilah. Judge Coe had the rest! What can I say. He liked the pretty girls. Don't we all?

    Closed circuit television has been around for quite a long time.

    I often wonder why a sitting Judge would risk his Kingship when the cameras were in plain view?!

    Maybe he didn't see the sign on the door.

    Judge Coe liked to cheat on his wife, do blow and, generally, live the life of an outlaw.

    That's entirely my opinion based upon credible witnesses presenting purely circumstantial evidence. My friends! Marshall and my side dish.

    One can only surmise that the Judge trapped himself because he burned a lot of bridges along the way.

    Coe had a reputation for being a dick!

    His Honor walked through life with a flame thrower on his back!

    Judge Coe - Cuckoo for CUCKOLD puffs!

    Decades later certain events would come to life and Judge Coe would be facing time. A prison sentence of his own making. However, none of us will ever know the details.

    Coe was known as the hanging judge.

    Gordon was sentenced to three years and when he told Judge Coe that he would do three years standing on his head, Judge Coe gave him an additional three years to do on his feet. Even Gordon had to laugh at that. We all did. Gotta love His Honor's sense of humour!

    The war on drugs. A war against my people perpetrated by a system built on the back of modern day mythology with all the trappings that go along with it.

    Never forget that our country was founded by Outlaws. Narcissists. Moonshiners. Hemp growers. Men willing to commit genocide to carry out their destiny.

    Everyone has their hustle! I'm not complaining. In fact I may be a little envious.

    Sorry for the preaching!

    Back to the story.

    You never know who you might meet when you share a common bond and a driving passion.


    Worth more than gold.

    Was Judge Coe facing time? If he was still around you could ask him.

    I always wonder why the good ole boy shot himself in the head? Another front page headline in the city of Tampa.

    Judge Coe found in his car.

    Underneath the overpass.

    He shot himself in the head.

    Karma, can I get a double?


    The most valuable commodity in the world.

    My game was women.

    I was a lover who needed to learn how to fight.

    Marhsall was a lover.



    Each of us had our hustle. I still can't figure out how mine worked. I guess there is something to be said for looking someone in the eye and showing interest. In fact, I'm pretty sure Dale Carnegie made a lot of money showing people how to win friends and influence people with a similar concept. Get a girl drunk on her own ego. Its raining panties.

    "Do you want to do moneybags?"


    The juice was not worth the squeeze.

    That's where it started.

    The journey that would put me within two degrees of President Donald Trump.

    True story.

    The details are not important.

    They are not even sordid.

    But no, the prez and I do not share a common belief system or interest.

    However, the details are boring.

    If you don't believe me, ask his Spiritual Adviser, Pastor Paula White.

    Her husband was building an empire.

    I was on the outer edge of his inner circle.

    I will never forget the day Paula put her hand on my knee. I have seen that look before. When a girl looks at you like you are prey that is a layup. Randy was there. And so were at least fifteen other people.

    The juice was not worth the squeeze.

    The look. Her hand on my knee. In public. Shady communication, for sure. I can only present facts. I cannot determine intent.

    Was Pastor Randy White (DOC) [twitter] Cuckoo for CUCKOLD puffs? If you follow him on twitter, it sure appears so. Who am I to JUDGE?

    In fact, I don't. I am just presenting facts.

    How does this relate to trading? It does not. It does however relate to Elite Trader, a very small vocal minority.

    Let's end with a riddle. The puzzle can be solved by looking at a journal within this same time period.

    Is a 24 year old trader - who currently makes about 40 grand, who once had a job commanding 60 grand - and takes out an insignificant loan, loses the money and is down to his last four grand in his trading account "risking ruin?"

    To help you solve this puzzle let's reiterate, regurgitate and respond with this.

    True stories!

    Marshall cracked someone in the head with a piece of rebar in prison.

    Judge Coe did cocaine with strippers.

    Pastor Paula put her hand on my knee and gave me the look in Randy's "Timothy Class."

    Marshall was plotting on the Judge.

    If you get found out, you truly risk RUIN!


    Thats just pennies for a young man at this stage of his life!

    One more riddle! Can I have two more minutes?

    You ever notice how the loudest squawkers - in every profression - are projecting?

    The preacher condemning homosexuality, the loudest, the GOP candidate standing on a pro life platform when his girlfriend has a text showing that he encouraged her to get an abortion, and the hanging Judge is punishing people because of his own inadequacy to control himself.

    So, is there any chance that an ETer would project on a relative newbie with anything other than something that is constructive.

    At least he keeps it 100!
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  3. May be, but this is just one internet opinion, doing a St Ignacius retreat could help you work on some issues that seem to be creating blockages in your trading .
    These are available for non-religious people, as long as the person respects the place.
    It is usually better to first do 5 days, then to go for a second one full month retreat.
    And it is much better when doing the retreat to do it in a center run by
    thoroughly trained Jesuit priests.
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    #covfefe :banghead:
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    Right now I will keep it 100.

    This journal is my tribute to Bob Lassiter, the Hippy You Love to Hate! At least the establishment.

    Bob made millions of dollars, married younger and didn't have to fly commercial.

    I fly coach.

    It is also a challenge! The market is like the horse track albeit with worse odds. At least your local handicappers "play of the day," has a verifiable track record of when his horse comes in the top three spots. All the money goes into the same pot and you take from it based on your skill level and professionalism.

    So, why all the gambling references?

    Cramer used to recommend a book written by a horse handicapper. I knew one in high school; we played pool together on occassion. But, here was my obstacle. I did not understand the risk of ruin, so I never played, until Saturday. I have allotted a certain amount of money, based on the minimum $2 bet entirely according to a handicappers "play of the day." Funny thing. His track record is just that, you can track it. $1000 will slow me down, not ruin me. It either works ir it doesn't.

    The horse I played Saturday was at 12-1 when I placed the bet, opened, and remained at 10:1. According to the book I bought some of the pros bet on one horse a day. It could take years to learn that with a 2% chance of success. But, it only takes a second to find one with a verifiable record. Follow him!

    According to the probability table that is posted twice in this journal - to @Simples posted a risk of ruin calculator in the mystery journal which is far better - it is almost certain the losing streak of 10 will happen within the next 50 trades.

    But, you math guys can figure out the max losing streak, but I am looking at the reward. Over 500 races, my max loss is $1000. If the winning oercentage is accurate, well - you figure it out. Its a positive expectancy.

    Now, this is what gave me the idea. For a minute, I subscribed to a trader chat podcast. Two academics, in separate funds, both credited their success to an early career handicapping horses based solely on algorithms and the laws of probability.

    I am not endorsing the ponies, but, let's be honest, the odds are much better - the learning curve is nill. I have been on gambling runs when the dude goes on tilt. I don't play poker, but it is the same as revenge trading. Those were the nights you cleaned up, even from your friends. I never did that in pool, so over time I had a positive expectancy. The problem was my skill level. Ask old timers will tell you, Bakers in the old days, was a movie in the making. Bill Allison was on the same circuit as Minnesota fats, he woukd telp stories about the old days. He parlayed his gambling skills into business. I learned a lot there, but my aptitude for pool was limited, no matter how much effort. No matter how much money was on the line I never saw one of these dudes go on tilt. Not one of those dudes was younger than 50. They were professionals.

    I played in bars and I would tweak certain people to throw them off there game.

    I have got my ass kicked a few times. But, I was much angrier when I was younger. Besides, its America and we love to fight. We won't be pushed around. Young men are taught this. No judgement, really.

    But when angry guys get older their fight gets bigger. Bob took on the system in local @tampa radio.

    Read those hall of fame threads. He took on the Holy Grail of nice guys giving away the Holy Grail. Bob even says in one of those threads that one of his motivations was to fight the man. Take miney from the 1%ers. It doesn't hurt them butvit feels good!

    Bob read all the books, found something that worked for him, and played it. I believe that, but I also believe he was telling a real story to fight the wolves in the trading community.

    My only fight is with a few rabid dogs on Elite Trader that tell people bullshit like stop trading, you suck as we all recognize Jesse as legendary. He would have laughed at Elder! Elder is a gambler who cannot control himself, so he came up with rules. Over time his body developed a knew neuropathway. He literally became a new creation based on science! It is the same as muscle memory.

    Back to handicapping. Both of those people playing OPM played sparingly developed from their data.

    The common thread in ET is don't play like a gambler. Before Cramer decided to be a TV star he never talked about diversification. He would be long a popular stock and juice the futures in the premarket to squeeze the shorts. That was the real deal. If he was long a stock, he would average down by buying 500,000 shares every point during the dotcom boom. He rode the energy stocks and paid for his Harvard education. He left picks on his answering machine.

    All the things we cannot do. Except for the last one.

    Oh, and one more thing, science confirms that if you teach others the very process that you are attempting to Master, that ingrains the concepts within you - whether those concepts work or not.

    So, why would the successful guy throw shade at you? To tweak you!

    Remember who is taking your money! The Man! Just like Bob, part of my mission is to stick it to the man by taking some of his money. First I have to get back some of my money. I plunge with whatever stake I have based upon my current knowledge. See the post where I lost 20 grand in minutes. Insert the Rocky theme here as I chase market chickens and do one handed push ups!

    The only eay this works is if I produce a verifiable track record. $1,000 is a small price to pay. If it works I fund my account!

    Then we are iff to the races. I believe I have found a repeatable pattern, that rarely happens in the market. At 50 I am patient enough to wait for it. The winning percentage seems very high. The risk is definable. The leverage is based upon a max loss per trade. High win percentage. The reward is less than 3:1 on those rare, beautiful days. Quite a few are around 1:1. I can see why you might want to keep secrets!

    So, what happened with the NFL and NCAA picks. Turns out, the tout was not using his real name. Oh well. That was $50 bucks. Lesson learned.

    Some people read journals to HELP, I used them looking for answers and further my progression, and some people love to tweak you, especially when the market has had its way with you. So, once again even Jesse killed himself. Stop being dicks to people who are on the same learning curve as Jesse. The end result may be the same. I am only here to tell you that science gives you hope. But, the logic guys will never have the guts to make the big bets - unless its OPM!

    You can build new neuropathways.
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    My contribution:

    If you are a math or finance guy - any gender or scientific discipline - you have a huge advantage.

    Thank God! There is another way.

    It will take me a while to learn Python. The chapter on loops has my head spinning, because its like I am reading a foreign language.

    However, here is myvplan for the interim. Develop my strategy for the code that will matter.

    Let's say my strategy was momentum based off of 5' bars. What would I track in excel? Using all of the historical data at my disposal I would pain stakingly track certain events:

    • morning gaps
    • number of congestion bars
    • number of expansion bars before a pause
    • how many bars in that pause?
    • stops for a one bar pause, two bar pause and a three bar pause (assuming that my hypothesis is that the action I am looking for disappears if the pause lasts too long)
    • track the range of the initial momentum bars
    • track percentages of the different combos
    That is where I would start. Let's say I found a repeatable pattern that during the lunch period a 5' bar broke out from congestion there was a certain liklihood of the momentum continuing if the next bar paused (narrow range, one bar paused). Maybe there was a repeatable pattern that singaled a long play that only lasted for the next 10'. The break from those two bars was not reliable.

    That is something that you could plug right into excel while you learned to code. Take one or two of your best ideas and plug them in. Over time you will patterns emerge on your spreadsheet. These are actionable ideas with small amounts of money.

    Maybe you have ideas about Fed day. That is much less labor intensive, but 5' bars may not tell you much. Maybe you google the date of the Fed meeting and decide to track the news that captured the day, no matter how ridiculous. Maybe you notice that when the market is frothy popular culture dominates search results. Maybe Boone Pickens is leaving oil for solar. Lets say your research suggests an energy boom, bordering on mania.

    Now, you couldn't look for that again, but maybe you notice weed stocks dominating the news on Fed day. You have learned something. Excel will tell you if it is actionable. Simple as that!

    This will be my last post for a few months. I have quite a lot of work ahead of me!
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    • Hot tea
    • Lemon
    • Sugar
    • Peanut butter
    • 2 shots of double distilled vodka
    Your welcome.
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    I have been trolling the political forum, and in my continued tribute to Bob, having a bit of fun.

    My motto is to go after the low hanging fruit. So, I did the best I could and hooked a few. I learned to do that in High School. I profited from the same very skill playing pool.

    However, @tampa was a master troller. In fact, Bob was doing it before they had a name for it.

    Back then you were just known as an asshole!

    Assholes make a lot of money (Trump, Scaramucci).

    Assholes get a lot of pussy (too many to name).

    And assholes make the best radio hosts (Lassiter, Stern).

    I can only say I was never on the radio and I have always been broke!

    Her name was Ginger. She worked at the library lounge. She would tell you her house glowed in the dark, on occassion, and she had sex with the devil.

    On occassion she would lay down a bear skin rug, and play some ballad that I cannot even recall. This would not be the normal bump and grind, but a dance for one particular guy.

    Her hair was auburn and for a white girl she had ass! You youngsters would not believe that back then white girls, in FL, did not, generally speaking. This is a relatively new phenomenon in modern day America.

    I had an open relationship with one of Ginger's colleagues, Dawn. Dawn was like a ray of sunshine with her statuesque figure, legs that reached her neck and the centerfold face that has always been my kryptonite.

    Ginger was an attractive woman but I was scared. She had a tatoo of a snake on her thigh! I was still a baby, 24 years old.

    Ginger was three years older. However, if her claim was true - intercourse with the devil - I knew I was outclassed.

    Satan, the original bad boy.

    It was not until Dave banged her ...

    "Johnny, she bit my fucking neck and my knees wobbled."

    "No shit! She does this weird thing as she's biting you and within seconds my legs almost gave out."

    "Like a vampire?"

    We cackle like Beavis and Butthead.

    "Her tongue will control you. She licked my balls and I was so relaxed I went soft. She kept making my dick go soft and making me hard again."

    Damn. Why have I been turning down this trim? That's right, I was scared! The Bible Belt fucks you up!

    Anyway, I show up on a Tuesday night when the place is relatively empty. Ginger brings the rug out. It was my policy to never tip any dancer that I was trying to get with. Tonight would be no different.

    "I'm gonna hang out with Dave and Delano tonight, see you around 2:30?"

    She smiles, gets down on her knees and she begins to massage each individual finger. First the right hand and then the left.

    Ginger knew the secret to seduction. She made me feel like a King. Who cares if she just fucked Dave that weekend?

    Ginger liked the pretty boys.

    I worked for Peterson at the time and I was supposed to be at work at 5:30 am. However, Chubby and I could pull that trash route by 10 am. No big deal. The strength of youth.

    I never made it to work that day. At around 10:30 am I awaken to Lisa coming in Ginger's bedroom. I am alone in Ginger's bed. Lisa lays down beside me, without touching me, but still very close.

    At this point I am debating what to do. Within seconds - 20, maybe 30 seconds - I decide to go for it. In my mind I could only think this was a gift. After all, I was built and she was a stripper, they both were. Besides, how else was I to read the situation?

    Lisa put an immediate stop to it.

    Stop to what? I touched her without asking. Why? The way she dressed? Her job?


    The correct answer is because of my lack of respect for others. There is no other answer! To quote Clint, and a philosophy with which I whole heartedly agreed at the time, "If she don't respect a nigga, how shall I?"

    Truth is, I did not respect myself. That is why your wife or girlfriend would not be off limits either.

    The yoke of youth!

    The bondage of a misplaced culture that I bought into.

    The American way: my needs over either your or our needs.

    For that I am ashamed!

    The American way!
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