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    $130 gain. New balance $4505
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    Short NQ
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    Covered mgc. B/e
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    Covered $295 gain. New balance $4800
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    A tale of two charts:
    2017-10-02-18-31-55--607647693.png 2017-10-02-18-31-36-438927975.png
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    Options Xpress has been absorbed by Schwab. My plan ia still the same, but debt reduction is going slower than expected. This may take a minute before I go live.

    I checked out Scwabs mobile platform, and I am not a big fan.

    The events in Las Vegas are having a weird effect on me, too. This journal will change form, but today is not the day to make any big decisions!
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    I received an email this morning from ActualTraders stating that they would give me money to trade and I get to keep 80% of the profits!

    They must not be regular readers of this infamous paper trading journal. Since June 20, 2017, I am only down $200. My biggest drawdown was 20%. That may be acceptable for me, but I can't imagine that would be acceptable for OPM even if those other people don't show on the 1st page of search results.

    I will say that since that 20% drawdown, I gained 20%! I will continue to privately paper trade while I pay down debt. The market will outlive me, so I am in no rush!!

    I was just shocked by the source, and now I question their credibility.
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  8. What do you mean shocked by the source ?

    They offered you 80% as oppose to the normal 70% :D

    Quote straight from their website......

    "Start trading our money today with our new Express Account! By paying a small
    monthly fee you get our money for trading, keeping 70% of the profits yourself."
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    You're funny.
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    There is nothing funny about this. #sad
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