Johnny Rock's comeback

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  1. johnnyrock


    Life is a FAITH walk, not a CAKE walk.

    -- John Gregory

    If you don't believe in you, who will?!
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  2. vanv0029


    I think you need to find patterns that keep you out of the market when there is too much random noise. CL especially has huge random jumps on events that will be known to some people way before you can react, so try to find patterns in price action to keep you out. There are great resources from web videos and books. Two possibilities of good traders that go into great detail on price action pattern filters are Adam Grimes and Linda Raschke.
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  3. johnnyrock


    Okay. The two markets I am following are not giving me any signs that today could be a trend day, at least not yet.

    So, that frees up valuable time to answer a burning question. WHAT ALIAS IS SURF USING NOW?

    Is it @ElSegundo

    Or could it be that the marketsurfer is actually undercover as a short term trader who rides market waves that last only seconds or minutes? Could @algofy be surf? That would be AlGoofy!

    What if @vanzandt is actually surf and has been trolling all of us all along - in his free time when he is not touring with Bruce or writing the Sopranos movie. Those royalty checks must ne heavy.

    Let me check my oil chart again. My head hurts!
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  4. algofy


    wait is jonnyrock surf? lol
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  5. johnnyrock


    You will know for sure if I start averaging in to a losing position or pumping penny stocks.
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    On the 15' I like to see an expansion bar on volume. It turns out it was a trend day. No trades today.

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  7. johnnyrock


    I don't want to turn this journal into the surf report, but I found this post to be very odd! Specifically, the post count is disconcerting.

    Surf stopping his post count 4 shy of 666, c'mon. I have heard from many ETers, via DM, that they believe surf is actually Satan. This may be the proof we need.

    Also Samsara spelled backwards is Arasmam. I think we all know what that means.

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  8. :confused:...what the hell...MarketSurfer is Satan
    Who said, or claimed, that?

    662....why stop there, and not 666...

    Samsara backwards is Arasmam...what is Arasmam supposed to be?

    But MarketSurfer did mention a location once with the address of 666 -- I brought it up in his post,
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  9. johnnyrock


    Long NQ (paper trade). Close trade @ 3:30 est if I am not stopped out.

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