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    I don't pick football, but handicappers do! The problem is, as a newbie, who do I follow?

    Surely, I could ask somebody. That is not my style nor has it ever been. For purely entertainment purposes, I opened an online gambling account.

    My plan:
    • use the aggregate knowldege I have gleaned on money management through trading
    • take advantage of probabilities
    • decrease risk until I get to 10%
    • MAX BET $300 (when I get there)
    Results, WEEK 1:

    $50 turned into $120 on eight bets. My first two bets were $25 each (50%). Thursday and Saturday I was down the vig after four bets. W/L/W/L. My account was around $43.

    Sunday was beautiful! Not only did I find my handicapper, but I found a way to sift thru the forest. Certain trees bear more fruit. I can't give his name. Boy did his picks bear fruit! $43 turned into $120!

    So, for next week my bets will all be $20.

    10% of $120 would be $12 and the minimum bet is $20 (you used to be able to get a "dove" for that). So, by hitting a winning streak early, I can actually reduce my risk on a percentage basis. Another Solid Sunday and I will be at the proper risk profile. What are the chances of me blowing up my account? Its all contained in that table I posted last week, and it depends on my actual winning percentage (75% on week 1). But, I survived the riskiest period.

    Risking 10% of my roll until I max out at $300. That will take a lot of streaks. I am just along for the ride at this point. If the handicapper can produce, the JOHNNY ROCK CRITERION will produce what it produces. However, 10% is a path to riches! Have you seen how rich these preachers are who only require 10%? Personal finance 101 tells you to save 10%. And the JR CRITERION would have you bet 10%!
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    Danger, Will Robinson!
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    Short CL
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    $345 loss. New balance $4375
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    Short micro gold (1 contract). Bid is 1309, so I will take the $20 hit. Swing trade
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    I read Python is the easiest language to code, for beginners, so I ordered a book today and joined quintopia.

    Not only can you use the quintopia platform for free to backtest, get correlation data and sharpe ratios on the algos you build, you also retain all rights to your program. As an added bonus, if you do develop an algo that produces, you can win prize money. Even better, they put real cash behind developers and if you are chosen you get a percentage.

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    But wait, there's more!

    As seen on TV!
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  9. Usually ...with Trading, the Happy couple doesn't go and ride off into the Sunset;

    It's more of a dark, depressing, solitude death, o_O

    But Heeey, jean... baby queen. Prettiest girl, I've ever seen. See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean.
    ...Rock On, rock on...

    Hey, John Boy...Bubby...
    You kind of look like Sam Elliott in Road House, amigo,
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