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    Long micro gold for a swing trade
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    Short NQ - day trade
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    Scratched $40 gain. New balance $4610
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    Sold $110 gain. New balance 4720
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    Reading your posts, I see why day trading is hard work. Takes skills, persistence and perhaps a pinch of luck.

    You are one of the good guys. Wish you the best.
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    Quoting @birzos from another thread:
    • Simply because your capital does not produce a positive return on effort without decades of experience behind you. The average is skewed to the top, that's synthetic asset classes at work.

      <top1% loss
      =top1% break even
      top1% 1-2% per month
      top0.1% 3-5% per month
      top0.01% 7-10% per month
      top0.001% 15-20% per month

      The top 0.001% who generate those returns consistently over 15-20yearsstarting with $1,000 capital will become a billionaire, there are currently 2,500or so who have succeeded.
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  7. This is the same trading:impossible nonsense in disguise.

    Start with $1000
    NEVER withdraw
    NEVER have losing days, weeks, or at most a losing month (positive return figures in the example are monthly)
    DO NOT CONSIDER the nominal account value. It's all-in, all the time.

    When account reaches $900,000,000 it's game over with a nominal $100,000,000 11.11% return that month. Wow! That's not even in the top 0.001%! Congratulations! Clearly, you stop there, because it is foolish to think about a $150,000,000 or $200,000,000 nominal return the next month.

    Everybody thinks SHORT-TERM "trading" scales to the billions and trillions. It doesn't. Go put on a 10M dollar trade, with a hold period no longer than a calendar month, and see how you fare. Scale it baby!!
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    Lifted from the web:
    • The table shows the probabilities of seeing anywhere from two to 11 consecutive losing trades during the 50-trade cycle, based on the corresponding percentage win rate.

      The table can help you determine the probability
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    When questoned by the police, these two ETers stated, "We're just tryin' to HELP clean up the city. That's all man!"

    Witnesses report they were overheard, reassuring one another, "At $500 margin we could have traded 4 cars with a $500 cushion." A spokesperson for the JAX SO stated they were still attempting to decode the message, but they believe they may be tied to an auto theft ring, and the $2500 aluminum windfall could have been used to purchase 4 "cars."
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