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    New balance. $3950. $275 loss Screenshot_20170811-134844.png
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    Edit: $245 loss. New balance $3950.
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  3. Overnight


    Thought you were letting it run into market close? You have 50 minutes left.
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    Rationale (1 of 3):

    Until price reenters 240' congestion, I am only considering shorts at certain levels, within the context of the current trading day. Short term bias down.

    The 240' of the ETF equivalent captures price for the first 4 hours of RTH, but it also captures the last 2.5 hours in a single bar. I think this os significant, but this is a new idea of mine, so time will tell. However, the last bar of the last few days showed a lot of movement. On one day the gains were wiped out in the afternoon session and two trading days hence the last bar printed a hammer.

    Both bars show something significant happened on a smaller time frame.
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    Part 2:

    On the 30' range was contracting and started expanding again. Movement was to be expected, but what direction?
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    Part 3:

    The yellow line is what I determined to be a failure point for those trading off the 5'. My "hope" was this could be the level that triggered a fresh wave of selling. It did not, but I think the rationale was sound.

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  7. You should have gotten ready to pull the trigger/close your position around the 3-3:30pm-3:40 mark today...that range is flirtting with the bottom of the day's general expectations, o_O

    but i hate giving advice in hindsight -- because of course everything is crystal clear and done,

    If you try to time/milk the position for all its risk losing your profit -- which is what exactly what happened to you today,

    PS. i have no idea what are the NQU17/E mini/futures are...i just trade/follow the S&P 500 and DOW charts. (options on that)
    But we all virtually trade the same thing...we follow the Broad, collective market,
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    Just looking at Johnny's photo... Is he any relation to the site owner?
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    This minor support level may hold, but if it does my guess is the snapback would be quick and happen next week. Screenshot_20170811-171338.png
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    The next stop is this level - although price action may find support somewhere in the middle. Even so this is, roughly, a 5% correction. Just a blip.

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