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  1. Oh...I never trade in the morning...about 9am local time. Which is 11am in NYC.
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    Pretty damned sure that mixing vodka with PB and chocolate is worse.
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    My biggest mistake: cutting my hair when I was 24 years old to "work for the man!"

    My greatest success: knowing that "I am the MAN"

    I call my shots!

    Swing trading flow chart: REVERSALS 20170809_194647.jpg
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    Flow charts are logical. Markets are not logical. Nor humans. Make it so.
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    Don't worry about the charge backs:

    I first met Julio Agostini in 1996. Wearing a Gordon Gecko, cufflinks and a tailored suit, you would have thought Mr. Agostini had a background in finance. If you count nine years in the FL prison system a background in graft, duplicitousness and a general disdain for the rules, the necessary qualifications for a career in finance, you would be correct.

    Julio's motto was buy term and invest the difference. He learned that from Art Williams, indirectly. Art knew the secret to building a company, and a legacy, was to give people ownership. Art also knew to recruit school teachers and coaches, because they have the ability to teach and to lead. In other words, they could inspire! Art also knew it would take a lot of work! That is something teachers and coaches know something about.

    What Art never counted on was a hustler who knew the power of the halo effect and how to tell a story. The only problem with recruiting ex cons - well, two problems - is they might be allergic to work, most likely though, to do the work you would need to hold several licenses which could be problematic. (The governing bodies ask a bunch of peaky, personal questions.) You need to be certified from the state to sell life insurance, but you also needed a series 7 and a mortgage license. Why? To perform a modern day financial miracle: show your client the power of the debt snowball, get the family out of a whole life policy - put that savings into an Oppenheimer fund that tracks the S&P - and get them a home equity loan to pay off the debt load in one fell swoop, all the while putting badly needed cash in the home owners' pockets; someone who has been living hand to mouth and statement to statement has just found their savior - a modern day financial Jesus who could pluck them from their self-inflicted inferno.

    Families would be ready to sign over the first born. Julio wouldn't let them. "I will be back in three days to pick up the paperwork. Look it over. Discuss the ideas we have presented. Should we meet at the same time?"

    Why didn't Julio worry about the chargebacks? Julio understood that even having a signed contract could not protect people from themselves. In that next year a small percentage of enthusiastic consumers would cancel their term protection. The miracle only works if you follow the plan and become self insured.

    For quite a few people they had built up a whole life cash value that, that in itself, would pay off their personal debt. No second mortgage necessary. That was the beat case scenario. Worst case? The family runs up the credit cards again, blows the home equity windfall, but worst of all ...

    The only available resource they now have is to cancel that term policy. That my friends results in a charge back! Even worse, their kids are no longer protected.

    Julio Agostini made 250 grand a year HELPING people. For those who couldn't help themselves, it cost him money. So, why wasn't he worried? He was self insured, but most of all, Julio was self assured because he knew the percentages.

    @beerntrading said that the turning point in his trading career was when he learned to take the losses. With a background in insurance I am quite sure he knows his numbers.

    Do you know yours? I certainly don't. Not yet, but I will. But I know something about tracking numbers. Once you can put a dollar figure on every door you knock, you look forward to ringing that bell. If you know you hit hard and someone wants to fight, you look forward to ringing that bell. If you have legitimate stats, built in the reality of real world trading, I am quite sure you share the same confidence. I will see you at the opening bell!
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    Short NQ
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    Cannabis consumption may lead to creative outbursts and an overall sense of well being.

    In honor of National Lazy Day spend a little time in the garden. Happy trading!

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    Through an informal poll I can plainly see that the ET community would much rather have another recipe than a gentle nudge into the relaxing arena of gardening where one must have nerves of steel when waging battle against spider mites and grasshoppers who are obviously in need of the medicinal plant.

    Carribean Ice:

    (1) empty bottle of grape Pedialyte
    Captain Morgan spiced rum
    Cherry coke

    Depending on taste and tolerance fill the empty Pedialyte bottle 1/4 to 1/3 full of the recommended rum. Taking care to allow for the expansion of the frozen elixir fill the remainder of the bottle with cherry coke. Freeze until you have the consistency of a slushy.

    This drink goes well with quality time between you and your newborn, and can be easily disguised for concealed carry, when dutifully executing non trading activities with your wife. Actvities including birthday parties, play dates and spending time outside at the playground can all be enhanced with this tropical drink.

    Your welcome.
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