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    Long NQ Screenshot_20170804-093251.png
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    hmmmmmm lol, I could use some of that lady after this week.
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    Short micro gold contract. Swing position

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    20170804_143514.jpg My trading coach, George Costanza, advised me to fade myself.
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    Cool! I just got off the phone with Courtney. She invited me over for dinner. I tried to get her to come to my place, but she is not a big fan of spam and that life size mural of Heather that is painted on my bedroom ceiling. I tried to tell Courtney it is a tribute to her - they look so much alike I didn't think she could tell the difference - but somehow she knows.

    I have a type, so sue me!
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  7. I think you should stop growing weed and smoking it, o_O -- it's affecting your trader brain,

    You've been living in a Dream world, Neo,
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    2017-08-04-16-44-07-904444438.png 2017-08-04-16-27-36-446049325.png
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    My best trades were made off of the 15' time frame. They also were in oil. Until the Qs break from this range - there is a similar look to the last leg(s) of the daily compared to the 4 hour chart.

    Once the break happens, and the volatility expands, it should also offer opportunity.

    Drilling down to the 5' has always been a losing game, for me. Back to the 15' charts.

    The original goal was to find trends, not create them. The latter never works.
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    In an effort to treat this fictional account like a real account I have decided to stop DAY trading!

    For the remainder of this journal I will be SWING trading mini ag, oil and metals. My account is too low to swing trade the eminis at a comfortable level. Success breeds confidence. Once confidence is established I will move to the CL, W, GC, C and NQ.

    After I have a consistent track record I am prepared to go live! This is the exact opposite of my normal pattern - switch plans and immediately ttade with real money on the line.

    When Roosevelt said there is nothing to fear, but fear itself, he obviously had never traded.
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