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    Okay. What a terrible day today!

    What is worse is that I have to meet my ex at Starbucks. She looks like Heather.
    Why do they all look like Heather? I need to ask my therapist, but its awkward. She looks like Heather too. $100 bucks an hour. At least she's cheaper than that dominatrix, Helga. Helga doesn't look like Heather, but when she kicks me in the balls, it kind of brings back sweet memories of the Golden Girl.

    So, anyway, I have to meet Courtney for coffee. Two problems. I'm broke and I know she will ask me about my trading. Courtney loves to see me squirm. I am starting to see a pattern. The market acts like most women I fall for. The market maven is fickle, narcissistic and does not seem to value my needs. That must be why I love her so. Okay, I've got it! I will tell the truth, sort of. "The market was like a roller coaster today and did not fit my method." What she doesn't know won't hurt her. She will only worry if she knows that today was my biggest loss of my latest losing streak.

    Damn, I need to get there before her. Okay, I have an idea:

    Old starbucks cup
    4 shots of vodka
    1 double chocolate chunk cookie
    2 strawberries
    1 dollop of sour cream
    Sugar, lots of sugar

    I better make it with five shots. It has been a rough week!
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    Courtney is in the restroom. She asked me why my cup was dirty.

    Anyway, I found this thread, Anak's Holy Grail. Who knows if he has ever been where I am, but he IS where I want to be: a consistently profitable trend trader who averages up!

    No joke! I will be studying this thread before I trade again. I am trying to treat this paper account like real money. Hopefully, I will be trading like a paper tiger next week.

    Results will be updated Friday. Fuck, Courtney just slapped me in the back of my head and stormed out. She was reading over my shoulder.
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    Hate to tell ya friend but anek was a fraud, proven here on ET. Hate you had a tough day, how bad was it?
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    Wow! Okay, that will save me some time. $500 loss on 1 contract.
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    Well I lost 2800 on 5 so we we're both in the shitty trading boat today.
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  7. If it makes you feel better, today I pissed away all my AAPL winnings from yesterday when I absolutely nailed their earnings release. I'll probably post about it tomorrow in my thread.
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  8. Just curious, how is something like that proven?
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    Isn't trading a blast? Lol
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    He was impersonating followers who were cheerleaders by having multiple accounts. Somebody sniffed it out with markings from a chart that was similar across multiple accounts.
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