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    I bet they have some good moonshine in NC.
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  2. volpri


    I have a friend in CO who is in the investment business. Manages OTM for a fee. Seems to do pretty well.
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  3. Well, "southern boy" as a self description is probably more frequently seen in Portland, Seattle, Denver, and SF than in the south.
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  4. was the beach. It was beer. And wine.
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    CO has a high percentage of college grads, military and tech so I am not surprised. Not to mention the ridiculous money from Vail.
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    NC is like CA with mountains and beaches. Its a cool state.
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  7. Well, mountains or beaches...You can't have both in NC.
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    I used to own this book, and even subscribed to Farley's newsletter at one point. Just picked up a used copy on Amazon for $6.99 ($11 w/shipping).

    Its like a reference book for so many trading techniques, overwhelming so, but I remember Farley had some good stuff on aligning timeframes. When I subscribed to his newsletter I watched in awe as quite a few of his picks had explosive moves within a day or two after the mention.
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  9. Overnight


    I recall Aug 2015 well, it was a very bad time for me, lost a lot. Second week into Aug I kept biasing long on equities, and then China flubbed their nose at their own currency and drew all the markets down. Those bastuds! And then they did it again in January of this year!

    What is with those Chinese peeps and the yuan?
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    Long NQ. Close position at 3:30 est if stop is not hit. Screenshot_20170802-080241.png
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