Johnny Rock's $100,000 Challenge

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    I see that the MCL contract will begin trading in July, and it just so happens, that I have a day trading strategy that I am prepared to implement.

    As you may know from being a regular reader of ET, this site is populated with big ballers and shot callers. I am neither!

    However, I fully believe that power is found in purpose which is revealed through passion.

    Then again I may just be a hopeless gambler.

    With that in mind, follow at your own risk. Subscribe if you are entertained.

    g_anon - Twitch

    I won't be trading live, sharing charts or even giving up the super secret, proprietary indicator. However, I will share how many trades I took and the total p/l for each trading day.

    For you old farts who don't watch Twitch, I'll post a weekly p/l on this thread. I hope to see you there.

    Btw, this will be a real trading account with a goal of making $100,000. If that happens, each of my other goals will also come to pass. Delusional? Probably!

    • Day trade the MCL
    • Level up to the MES
    • Level up to the ES
    • Fund the Drop Out Inn
    • Write the retelling of the narcissist myth with a twist
    If I do in fact reach the goal of $100,000 from trading alone, I will give up the secret on this site. I'll do it on Twitch first, but I won't leave you hanging.
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    Hoping you'll do a body paint session.
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    Hot tub stream too!
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    I will sub if you are on onlyfans
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  5. In for nudes.
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  6. Tavurth


    What's your starting balance, what's your expected timeframe?
  7. johnnyrock


    20 years
  8. Tavurth


    So you're just saving $416 from your paycheck each month?
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  9. johnnyrock


    I can't actually give an answer to your question, so I just said 20 years. If the market cooperates, it can snowball quickly. The starting balance will be around $1700 and I will add to it each month.

    The progress will be slow until I can scale up to the big ES contract.
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  10. qlai


    If you trade manually, how can you give the secret out? That can only be done if you can automate the strategy. Can your strategy be fully automated?
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