Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

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    Tsing Tao

    Just reminds me of that ol' saying. No matter how hot a woman is, somewhere - someplace - there's a guy who's tired of fucking her.
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    She apparently has Borderline Personality disorder.

    I seen guys with Boderline psycho bitches take slaps and punches and never hit back. Plus take verbal abuse and not say a word in return.

    Depp probably isn't that kind of guy. I am not either.

    (This short video has a great ending punchline)

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    It got pretty raunchy there on Thursday, with Amber testifying how Depp shoved a whisky bottle up and down her vagina while laying on her on a table and threatened to kill her? Weirdness, man. They are on break until May 16th.
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    I see it as "kinky" but only if he drank whisky directly from the same bottle without pouring it into a glass. :sneaky:

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    So after a week off, the testimony resumed, and well, it was a bloodbath on the cross examination. And then Heard's attorney got really rattled on the re-direct. She abruptly ended the re-direct out of frustration because Depp's co-council...Camile something? Man, she was filing on all cylinders with her objections.

    There was one point that was brought up on the cross by Camile that I am surprised she did not dig into deeper. They used Defendant exhibit of two photos of Amber's face with a bruise on her right cheek where Amber claimed they were two separate photos of the same injury under different light levels.

    Camile asked "Aren't these actually the same photo but digitally enhanced to show a more severe injury?" or something along those lines.

    Amber was like, "No, I do not edit photos".

    Uh huh, sure, you be the judge.


    Pay attention to her licks of hair. Do they look like photos taken at different times of the day?

    Um, no.
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    @Overnight .. what’s the latest juice? I haven’t followed much but the tidbits I see I’m leaning towards depp.
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  7. exactly and a lot of people miss those things. Usually the tells are there and add up quickly.
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    Well, Depp came back on stand for rebuttal today, and it felt like he was cracking under the time-pressure the defense team had on cross-examination. Rapid-fire stuff, and the photos came up again. After him, they had a forensic analyst who was speaking about how photos could be edited, how the metadata could be inaccurate...The guy was not a good rebuttal witness for Depp IMHO. Oh, and they had a former TMZ reporter up there which talked about how the cabinet-smashing video they received during the leaks years ago was different than what was presented in court?

    It seems the case will go to closing arguments tomorrow, as I think they have exhausted witnesses for rebuttal.

    The Kate Moss testimony I missed in the early morning, but it seems that she testified that she slipped on the wet stairs in Jamaica, and not that Depp pushed her down the stairs, as Amber claimed.

    On a weighted scale, I think it is 50/50. Will be tough for the jury, for sure. But as one legal analyst on the sidelines mentioned, they had probably made up their mind already, leaning toward Depp simply because of his star power. We shall see.
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    Before I found this mashup, I thought of this movie scene when watching the final cross examination. Did I just witness a "You can't handle the truth!" moment? Nice that others agree.

    A fair outcome would be for the jury to decide she should be charged $100,000,000, twice what Johnny asked for, and exactly what she intended to inflict.

    One observation nobody has commented on is the dual facial expressions she generates when appearing in front of a camera, especially when speaking to people. It looks premeditated, that she intends to switch, suddenly, from cutesy smiley Texas country girl to the mideaval bitch queen who just sentenced you to death by hang, draw and quarter. Maybe that instant cold is a good sell for an actress looking for more movie roles. Or maybe that's the other side, making sure it too gets it's fifteen minutes of fame. It's all fun and games till she's really looking at you with that kind of contempt.
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  10. She's pwBPD (person with Borderline Personality Disorder). Fancy name for "crazy bitch" syndrome.

    They don't have to be fully insane, like medically diagnosable. But enough of the borderline traits make up a person that's difficult to live with without ending up hating their guts. I know coze my wife is this way too :)

    The problem stems in them being unable and unwilling to control their emotions. When a person is in a highly emotional state, they don't reason properly. And obviously they are entirely unaware of being totally off - for them, as perversely skewed as it is - it's you who's to blame and they would literally hang, draw and quarter you in their mad rage.

    A good description here:

    "Here are a few of the negative behaviors often seen in women with traits of BPD:

    Domestic violence
    Verbal abuse
    Emotional abuse
    Accusations of infidelity
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