Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

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  1. TheDawn


    Apparently she has two personality disorders, borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder, I believe.

    Two years is not long and that's pretty much the average length of all her relationships including her lesbian one. And ironically her lesbian girlfriend accused her of domestic violence too. The bitch is crazy.
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  2. TheDawn


    Still, enough to establish that she's crazy.
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    He's a funny cat. Seen some clips of him testifying funny f&&cker.
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  4. n1play


    Because love is the most beautiful and the most dangerous feeling. In the name of love, people killed other people. In the name of love, mankind saved others.

    Sometimes people in relationships are hiding their inner monsters. But I am proud that Johnny is trying to defend himself at least in the trial.
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    Love is blind very blind. Often we can see only from the outside of the bubble how wrong we were to ever love that person in the first place. But the bubble has to burst and time has to go by. Its not always the case, sometimes the sex is so good that you just turn the other cheek lol.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Overnight


    K, so the general feeling is that the jury is leaning to Depp. Depp's team rested today and Amber's team brought on their first witness...A forensic psychologist expert. *yawn*. (We've seen enough of them from Depp's team. It is tired now.)

    One thing I noticed though is how contrived it seemed. The woman, Dr. Dawn Hughes I think it was, when asked any question by the defense lawyer on direct, looked straight at the jury when answering every question. In fact, her body was pivoted at the jury. She never looked the attorney in the eye when answering a single question. It was all focused at the jury.

    It seemed so fake and rehearsed.

    To be fair, Depp's team had an expert that did sort of the same thing, but at least he first started the answer by looking at Depp's attorney, to show he was answering the question the attorney asked, before turning to looking at the jury while answering.

    This woman though, OMG. It just reeked of rehearsal and practiced testimony. As a juror, I would make note of that.

    The ball drops when Amber takes the stand, which seems it could be tomorrow.
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  8. wrbtrader

    wrbtrader imagined if she walked into court looking like that...

    Depp would drop his case or mad that Franco / Amber wouldn't let him watch one more time. :sneaky:

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  9. Admittedly, I can see the appeal. But the price tag...
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    she's delicious
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