Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

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    Don't know if anyone has been following this case, but I have been watching the testimony of the trial on the Law and Crime Network since the other day when Depp took the stand. As of end of today we're still on direct examination of John, but based on what I have seen, Ms. Heard has a bit of 'splainin to do, and as of this point, it looks like John is 99% going to win the case.

    (We're not going to go into his childhood stories about his abusive mother. That was just background for the plaintiff to make it hard for Ms. Heard to declare that HE was the abusive one based on upbringing.)

    1. The audio evidence presented thus far. (Apparently John had been recording some of the encounters because he knew nobody would believe what was going on otherwise.) And it was damning evidence against her. Hearing her claim that he was a wimp and a pussy because he was complaining about her punching him in the face, and she trying to defend it by screaming "Oh my God you little wimp, it was just a slap, it was not a punch." So she admitted assaulting him on at least that one occasion.

    2. The vodka bottle incident. Damn, that was fucked up how he described how Amber threw the huge vodka bottle at him, hit his finger on the edge of the bar which caused the top of his right middle finger to basically come off.

    3. The most damning in my view against her was the photo they showed of him on the gurney, with his destroyed finger in a splint, and then the narrowing in on his right cheek of a burn wound, where he said Amber had snuffed out a burning cigarette.

    I mean, that is just totally fucked up. You do NOT snuff out burning cigarettes on someone's body. That is at least considered "disfigurement" or something. That's bad!

    Anyone else following this saga and have opines?
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    Haven't had opinion on this. Heard that the woman is crazy. What ,,sucks" tho, is that YT keeps recommending the ,,news" about the case process.
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  3. My question is, how did he not see any signs of her true nature during the early days of their relationship?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if we find out later that she's bipolar. They hide it very well until they can no longer hide it because they're having an episode or problems with their medication.

    The sex must have been hot for him to stay with her that long. Yet, losing part of your finger is small and back to reality of the relationship considering it could have been much worst...shot dead or stabbed to death.

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  5. Admittedly, I never found myself in such dramatic circumstances, or in a relationship with a bipolar woman. But I've always believed that people tend to reveal their true nature in small, unfiltered ways. It's usually the little things that give them away. Grand gestures of any kind tend to be more contrived and less reliable a measure.
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    Turns out the cross started late in the day yesterday, missed that bit, and it continued all day today. Heard's lawyer is doing a good job picking apart his testimony and pointing out all the inconsistencies that inevitably crop up with stuff like this, and it was definitely wearing him down.

    Funny that bipolar was mentioned in this thread, because Johnny's text make HIM appear bipolar. He's all over the place. But I am sure they are purposely leaving out context with the way they were presenting their evidence.
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    Maybe they both have bipolar but on different schedules as in one is Up while the other is Down and then they change for the crazy mood swings...the extramarital affairs.

    Was Franco in the court audience ??? :cool:

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    "Never stick your dick in Crazy"

    Only problem is the the crazy ones are also the most crazy in bed
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    Welp, nothing truly revealing. They had some property managers on testifying about what they observed, but today had a neat twist. They had some forensic psychologist testify that Amber has two personality disorders. Expert witness testimonies from the other side as well, some cop who responded to the Penthouse thingy in LA? Blah blah blah.

    Unfortunately for Depp, those Psycho exams on Amber were done late last year, way after the date of the defamation claim. This case is going to be decided on Amber's testimony, whenever she takes the stand.
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    No not closely just a few videos from the same channel with the more interesting witnesses like the doorman from the building who vaped and then just drove away in the middle of the testimony. LOL I don't blame him though. He was grilled for like over half of an hour with the same questions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again by Amber's lawyer. It was like torture!! Same questions, did you notice the makeup that Ms Heard was wearing? By the end of the testimony, I swear the guy probably became a makeup expert. LOL I don't understand why Johnny Depp's lawyer didn't object and stop the questioning for badgering the witness.

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