JohnKurtz on target!

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  1. Starting my own little thread. It's nothing much to look at. Thx to Vol and emg for putting up with me on their's.

    ps long from ES 1272 on their thread so I will close it out there first.
  2. ES
    sold 1267.50
    stop 1273
  3. the question of when to exit must also include "trading what you think" not just what you see. what do "they" have planned for us figures in on this trade of mine. hmmmwhere to cover?
  4. exit 1267

    gotta protect day's profit
  5. ES
    sold 1268
    stop 1274
    trgt 1265
  6. this is where i'm very careful right here.

    could reverse and shove it right up...
  7. taking 1266 exit
  8. Some say back off even quit while ahead, not me. When your cards are hot why quit?:confused:
  9. ES
    sold 1266.75

    this "feels" ugly to me:confused:
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