John W Henry having a drawdown

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  1. He is not doing very well, neither is Campbell & Company.
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  2. These guy have the most assets under mannagment
  3. By the way these are commodity trading funds, here is the website, you have to register to gain access, this is knew as I have always been able to view with giving them any information.
  4. Check of this annual return, 1 YR CD is yielding much better.
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  5. it's been tough for these type of funds lately, also DUNN.

    The long-term trend following traders historically go through some pretty large drawdowns.

    Some people say the best times to invest in these guys is during their huge DDs.

    $ 1000 invested in the John W. Henry Financial And Metals portfolio at inception in 1982 is worth $ 101,928 as of April 30, 2007.

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    Speculation is not a vacation.
  7. Daal


    say that to richard dennis clients
  8. Would you blindly put all your money on a dip? Probably not.