John Thune's degenerate Gun Bill

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  1. Idiot John Thune (a republican, of course) wants states to recognize concealed fire arms permits from all other states. Meaning, if you get a concealed permit in Texas you can drive to New York and New York would have to honor the permit. This is a boneheaded idea, reminds me of dred scott decision...
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    Republicans need protection from the kind of people who call them boneheaded idiots in all states, not just Tx. Especially Fl. lol
  3. I think firearms training should be mandatory and taught in school. Same with drinking. I can't believe how many of these gangsta's miss their victim and hit innocent people and drinking? Sheesh, people have one beer and run into tree's, buldings, each other. Not like the old days for sure.

    How many innocent bystanders were killed by Al capone? Never hear about that do ya? These guys were good shots, with machine guns too.
  4. Yes this is a very necessary law to protect true and loyal citizens of america against obamites
  5. john, my senator, is a guns and god type of guy. in this state they really do cling to guns and religion.
  6. Yes, it's important to take pride in one's work.
  7. It's only natural since the two go so well together. Both engender self-righteousness and self-importance.
  8. I suppose that self righteousness and esp. self importance are big no no's in your brave new world, as the government is all that matters.
  9. See?

    (Thanks, Nick, for your inspired illustration.)
  10. You get a driver's license in South Dakota, you can use it in NY. You get married in SD, it's recognized in NY. Why should a gun license be different?

    If you split your time between a couple of states, it can be a problem. You can only get a concealed carry permit or even a permit to buy a gun in the state where you are a resident. What do you do at your other house?
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