John Templeton, 1912–2008

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    John Templeton, pioneer investor, dies at 95
    By Jonathan Burton, MarketWatch
    Last update: 12:13 p.m. EDT July 8, 2008

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- John Templeton, the legendary mutual-fund manager who was a pioneer of international investing and later committed much of his fortune to scientific causes, died Tuesday. He was 95.{68839E95-D675-43E2-9138-0438430551D8}
  2. god bless john templeton ---- an innovator and a heck of nice guy.

    history shall smile upon him.

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    I made a lot of $$$ back in the day (when I was a young stock broker) selling his funds.

    Rest in Peace John:cool:
  4. I started my investing career with $25/mo. bank draft into Templeton Growth Fund.

    Shoot, if I'd known how it would all turn out, I'd have gone $50!
  5. I have followed John Templeton for many years.

    One of the best visionaries as to buying value worldwide.

    He made available funds that could buy companies worldwide early on, stressing buying when they were cheap because the country would come back from its downcycle, etc....and it worked out well...

    He also wanted to make sure he kept most of the money he made for himself by domiciling in the Bahamas.

    He was also a real gentleman.

    One of the best.......
  6. One of the smartest and best to ever play the game.

    He had a long and colorful career, definitely a success by any measurement.