John Stewart on CNBC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 5, 2009.

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  2. DmanX

    DmanX Guest

    That was awesome!
  3. That is some funny shit.
  4. Seriously, mods of ET, make this a sticky.

    For everyone.
  5. CNBC now go hide under a rock ...again. Cramer is a financial advisor terrorist. The question is why is he STILL on the air if he consistently misguides retail if not to misguide retail.
  6. Not sense Cramer bombed on Obama.

    I bet you won't see Cramer on that show ever again.

    And that clip is hilarious.
  7. Are you talking about my clip or another one. If its another one then I would like to see it.
  8. If you watch the video, make sure you at least watch from the 03:07 mark on - that's when it gets really good.
  9. ZOG..has never seen the show. Jonny Leib rips on jews (among all others) all the time.

    #10     Mar 5, 2009