John Stewart is a lunatic.

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    Today on his show he tried to compare Sarah Palin's use of the "N"word to calling someone a retard.

    While Sarah palin used the word "niggar" in the context of a conversation which dr. laura had already used, which was not meant to be derrogatory to any black person out there, Jon stewart considered this to be just as bad as calling a person a "retard/niggar" in a political debate.

    At no point did Sarah Palin or anyone else go out and use the word "Niggar" to describe a black person, both had said the word simply to talk about the words existence. This did not stop the far left from using this as a moment they could exploit for a political gain.

    What is wrong with the left?!?! It is bordering on comical watching these leftist idiots scrambling trying to label people who pronounce words as racists. I would love to hear someone tell me how pronouncing a word is racist.

    Stewart was ragging on the fact that Sarah Palin considered Rahm Emmanuel an idiot for calling those that disagree with him retards.

    Seems to me one person (Rahm Emmanuel) is calling a bunch of people who disagree retarded and the other person (Sarah Palin) is simply saying a word which has already been said in context. At no point did Sarah Palin accuse someone of being a n$%$$@.

    Was Dr.Laura misguided in her thoughts on how the word "Niggar: was offensive, HELL YES. But does it make her a racist for simply trying to have a debate on the word, HELL NO. There is a big difference between debating a word and actually using a word to offend someone, which is what Rham Emmanuel did.
  2. John Stewart must be some kind of a comedian. He should be on comedy central.
  3. I guess you mean Jon Stewart.

    Emmanuel called somebody who was NOT a person with Down syndrome a retard, yes, as an insult.

    Schlessinger "said" (not "called", heaven forbid) "nigger" repeatedly to a woman who IS black and was calling to complain that her husband's friends were using racial epithets to refer to her. Schlessinger then told the caller that if she had "no sense of humor" she should have not married outside her race.

    If Palin or you don't see the difference, you must be fucking retards.
  4. I guess you mean Jon "the Retard" Stewart.
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    First off i screwed up in my oroginal paragraph, Sarah Palin never even said the "N" word, she commented on Dr.Lauras use of the word, i wrote this after i went out for a buddies bachelor party so the original paragraph is a little off.

    Secondly, are you actually going to say that Rahms use of the word "Retard" directing it as an actual insult is less offensive then Dr. Laura simply talking about the "N" word and never actually using it to insult anyone? I said before and i still stand by it that her thoughts on the "N" word being something a caller should get over was misguided and idiotic, but she still didnt go out and use the word to disparage anyone, she was simply talking about what the word meant, and how it gets used, she never tried to disparage anyone using it. While her thoughts were incorrect she never used to word to lambaste someone like rahm emmanuel did while calling someone a retard. To try to group the 2 together as though they are the same is idiotic.

  6. Almost as if by magic, Hello sprouts what appears at first blush to be delicate sensibilities. How utterly serendipitous that they should serve as a tool to hammer home his usual tripe.
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    Im not sensitive at all, i never have been and never will be, I was pointing out how comparing the 2 as if they are the same doesnt even make sense. I was merely pointing out the stupidity of lefties who try to say one is more offensive then the other.

    Keep trying though.
  8. LOL :D