john ogg the newsreader

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ryanmitcho, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. this guy is an idiot- he obviously isn't a trader- why doesnt he get his stories straight sometimes before he announces them on the news reader? he just reported that a fedex plane crashed outside memphis, then says, oh, wait it landed safely. well, i shorted on the news then was able to cover for scratch and get long, so no real harm done, but fuck, ogg, get it together !!!!
  2. Is that the extent of his letter? You could watch Fox News and get that...
  3. Definitely not an idiot, the guy must be cleaning up with all those subscriptions he has, you do the math, he's making more than 95% of the posters on this board I bet.

    As far as that particular call goes, I don't have him on today but ususally he's trying to get everyone market moving info as fast as possible, do you want him to double check his sources or something while the futures possibly implode.

    that guy has probably made some guys on this board upwards of 25K atleast over the last few years. While I would agree its not the edge it used to be, its still an edge IMO.
  4. I dont think the guy you are hearing is even john ogg -- this has been for months now !!!!!


    That news service used to be incredible, now it's barely worth the monthly fee.
  6. I agree, the service wasn't it's usual self back in Nov and Dec - but there have been good calls recently like the cbs marketwatch SEC inquiry and on SERO last week they had guidance out $1.00 ahead of anyone else - I made $Benjamins$. I hear Jon is back from a hiatus and they've added a lot of new stuff - maybe it was growing pains?