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  1. anyone use his service ? is it good ? what types of news does he report - bloomberg,reuters, etc ....


    but pretty expensive. If you trade by yourself you're better off ordering a Bloomberg terminal.
  3. does he read out bloomberg news - bloomberg i belive is around 1300/month


    He reads Bloomberg and a few other services. The only problem with his service is when the newswire gets very active, he obviously can't read out every story as it hits the screen. (Especially after hours earnings news).
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    What is John Ogg's web site?
  6. What kind of news does he read out? macroeconomic i suppose, only regarding equities, or all financial markets? Big caps, or also mid caps? more nasdaq or nyse oriented?


    ps. I found the website under construction:
  7. What happens with "news" is that the market has already responded to "breaking news" (for the most part) by the time even our own people can get through a story. Remember, someone had to 1. Get the call with the "news." 2. Verify sources. 3. Write the news story. 4. Put in their 2 cents worth about how it may affect the market.

    Greenspan days are perfect examples...we see the market go up, followed by some simple "good news"...then quickly "sell off" after someone reads the annotations or the inflections in his voice...(subtext).

    IMO, reading the market is so much more important than intraday news.

    We keep DJ up an running all the time, for individual stocks, and keep Track news up for details....but these are usually read after the fact.

    Don' t read this as not doing research via news after market hours, M&A research, analyzing company results, or any of that...all of which should be done.
  8. His newsservice is average, his problem is he is never the same speed. Sometimes he is actually early to a story hitting the street and the other 9 times he is so late reading that you don't believe the time he is actually early, if that makes sense. You can get economic numbers off a bloomberg a couple seconds before Ogg stumbles around and shouts them out. Average service, no real advantage.