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    It has been bothering me for some time the calls John Najarian makes about seeing huge option activity during the halftime report. I know Cramer has rules so he can't trade based on his calls for 3 days. Does John Najarian or the other fast money traders have the same restirictions? I mean all Najarian has to do is tell someone before the show about the call he is going to make and that person would make huge profits. Seeing all these traders with their laptops in front of them making trade calls on live tv and acting on them has to be illegal right?
  2. My office has been saying the same thing about him for years.

    Also, the guy NEVER admits to a losing trade. He's always "hedged" when his calls are wrong.

    His brother is even worse.
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    You gotta turn these jackasses off. They're like all these talking heads breaking down the NFL. Every single one of them annoy the hell out of my and they're wrong way more often then they're right.
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    Again my question was are these traders allowed to have positions and exit them on the show?. Most of Najarians picks are small stocks that often move 3-10% after he mentions "option activity". Shouldn't the SEC see if these guys are buying these stocks prior to show and exiting them on the show. Basically this is pump and dump on live tv, this has to be illegal right?
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    Ok, let's say one of the najarian talkers throws up an option trade they want to be on the long side of. Next, a major institution with deep pockets sees that as a good contrarian indicator and throws big money into the short side of the trade.

    IF najarian had a long position, that could crush his trade.

    Is it fair for him to have to hold on to a losing trade for three days as it goes down the drain?

    I'm not on either side, but I'd say he can get out of a trade anytime he wants to. CNBC is the pump and dump network, and always will be...

    I also agree with the other posters here that the najarians pick many, many losing trades. Oh yes, when they lose, they were "hedging," not speculating. Lol
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    I don't know, but it's a good question. I suspect that is exactly what he's doing
  10. I know for Cramer and when they bring in certain analysts they flash on the screen (very quickly) whether or not they or their funds or family or whatever own the stock.

    Maybe it's not the same with Najarian and his options notes but I'd doubt that they don't have some sort of disclosure...and if they didn't he himself probably wouldn't act on'd just be too blatantly obvious.
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