John Meriwether

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  1. Would anyone have news about John Meriwether?

    I believe he started a new fund shortly after the fall of LTCM, I was wondering how are they doing.


  2. they have raised a large sum.

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    can someone reconcile these last 2 posts.
  5. He started JWM Partners in Greenwich (203)552-5400.

    1 bill. under mgmt.

    49 employees

    2005 net - $7 mill. (lol)
  6. I recently watched the NOVA documentary 'trillion dollar bet', its about the collapse of LTCM. fascinating interviews with Robert Merton, Myron Scholes and others. Robert Merton despite his obvious academic genius I guess is having a tough time.

    Myron Scholes I believe is doing well, along with other partners he is running a $5 billion hedge fund in Rye brook, NY. I was interviewed for a non trading IT job there couple of years ago. Nice offices!
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    No. Merton tried to start his own place but couldn't raise enough cash.

    JWM is a completely different entity. Read the article better. JWM=John W. Meriwether. Merton isn't a part of this (his place is Integrated Finance).
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    Just amazing. The only reason why original LTCM investors did not loose money was because, Meriwether and his crew forced investors to take some of their money back late 97 or early 98. This was done to achieve higher returns for the partners, yet people trusted him with more money almost immediately after blow up.
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