John McCain, the make believe Maverick

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    this is really shocking.

    he is worse than bush - everybody should read this article.
  2. Yeah, God forbid a man who spent over five years being tortured and living in horrific conditions (much longer than Obama "served" in the Senate, by the way) crack a joke about going to the sin capitol of the world.

    Too funny, just a few hours ago in the "Obama - Black or Arab" thread, the Zzzztroll was writing a lengthy treatise about stopping the liberal v.s. conservative "crap" and ending all the demagoguery, yet here he is again doing exactly that.

    Hypocrisy personified, that's our Zzzztroll, yessirree. This has been his MO for years, so no surprise here, really.


    candymanal, November 1, 2008, 9:10 PM EST

    I have always liked this magazine. It takes me back to a more youthful friendly time, without worries. But articles such as these were not the mainstay years back.
    I read this story and wonder, where are the inflamatory remrks against his opponent?
    Obama is a rock star now. Has anybody asked why he refuses to release his college credits, his grade point average, or anything at all about his college career?
    There are many questionable stories about the other guy, but none are answered, or pinted.
    If disemination of facts is so important, why not both sides?
    Seems bias, at the very least.
    BTW I am a loyal conservative. I have a career that I have engaged in for tirty seven years. I have won numerous awards for my line of work. I am a staunch believer in the Constitution.
    Let's cut out the bias crap, and investigate each side. Let the people decide.
    Let's see. free money from the government, if you owe no taxes, free health care, food stamps, and not to mention help in paying my mortgage.
    I no longer have an incentive to work. Bring on the messiah Obama, and let's party til the country owns us.
    Be careful what you wish for!
    NBC, CBS, ABC, and now the Rolling Stone, becoming political cronies of the left.
    What a country we live in.
    PS I spent two terms in Nam, and until you've been in an actual war zone, you can't imagine the freedom given to you by anyone who was ever there.
  3. I linked a story to rolling stone, take up your problems with the story with their editors, not the messenger....

  4. kut2k2


    If that's all you got out of that ten page article, then you really are as stupid as you write. Your attempt to change the subject by whining about Obama and ZZZzzzzz is classic reichtard behavior. There are plenty of other threads on Obama, this one is about McCain. Stick to the subject or STFU.

    McCain is clearly unfit to serve as President, even more unfit than Obama. "Bush on steroids" indeed. Are you willing to risk the entire future of the USA, just so you can say "my team won"?
  5. Bullshit. You stating you're merely the messenger and doing us all a public service by posting this is like Jeffrey Dahmer poking a policeman on the shoulder and expressing concern about the serial killer that is on the loose.

    It's not what you post, troll. It's that you have the gall to pretend that you're an unbiased, third-party observer.

    At least most of us are willing to admit we have an agenda or a bias toward one side of an issue or the other, when that is the case. You, on the other hand, do not. You have zero integrity and zero credibility.

    You're not fooling anybody, at least not those of us who have been unfortunate enough to know you for years on ET.

    I'm waiting for your next treatise on liberals and conservatives coming together for the greater good, sandwiched of course between yet another thread or ten about how evil McCain is. At least you're consistent in your hypocrisy and smear mongering.
  6. The article is an opinion, and you compare it to Jeffrey Dahmer?

    You have an obsession with me to the point that you refuse to even engage in the opinions and ideas in the article.

    You are one sick boy, and after tomorrow, someone one else may be proudly claiming, 4 more years, 4 more years....

    I like McCain, as a retired military person spending the rest of his mentally and physically crippled life in the loving arms of his plastic trophy wife.

    Good for him, I wish him a lovely golden years, but no question he is unfit to question about it.

  7. NO, troll, I compare YOU to Jeffrey Dahmer, with whom I honestly believe you have similar character traits with.

    Say, can you give us a heads-up on your next "this liberal vs conservative crap has to end" tome? It will be be doubly laughable when your very next thread will be a rant against the "Klannish."

  8. McCains's whole POW schtick is bullshit - same as the con job the Kennedy crowd cooked up with Profiles in Courage.

    One recklessely flies into groundfire and the other lets his era's version of a cigarette boat rocketship get rammed by some Japanese skow.


    The war effort and taxpayer lose the attack jet* and the PT Boat for no good reason at all.

    Our enemies lose nothing.

    The two ninkompoop sons with Big Daddies - instead of getting drilled new assholes they deserved - wind up getting new creds and high office as "war heros."

    I'd have had them flogged.

    * His career total as a flying ace was 3 planes lost - wasn't it?