John McCain & Sara Palin Will Have Blood On Their Hands...

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  1. ...If something happens to Obama.

    I told everyone a thread I started three days ago would be my last in Politics & Religion until after November 4th, 2008, BUT...

    ...I simply can't deny what I am seeing here, over the course of the last few days, where the nutcase part (admittedly small, but vocal) of the GOP has been showing up at Palin and McCain rallies, and shouting "terrorist," "kill him," "bomb him," and "nigger" openly and loudly at these rallies, in reference to Obama.

    This is an exact and direct result of the historically unprecedented campaign of fear-baiting and incredibly hate-inciting words Palin and McCain (but especially Palin), along with GOP surrogates, have been using loudly about Obama, a United States Senator.

    This is as slimy as it gets.

    I'm not worried about it helping McCain, who has proven he is now unfit to be the President of The United States, as it will only destroy his campaign.

    However, if something happens to Obama, it will be due in least at part as a result of the errant words, false connotations and factual distortions used by McCain, Palin and their surrogates.

    By the way, Homeland Defense Secretary Chertoff briefed Obama earlier than other Presidential Nominee in history about the risks posed to his security ( - "Secret Service Guards Obama, Taking Unusually Early Step"), and to see McCain and Palin not only ignore that briefing, but inflame the hatred is nothing short of treasonous.

    John McCain needs to end the bullshit, with no uncertainty, immediately.

    He has already severely damaged his reputation in the eyes of Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

    He may do much worse if he doesn't act quickly and decisively on this issue.
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    John McCain CAN'T end it. He can stand up there and say that Barack Obama isn't a threat t the country, but who is the idiots that he has to say this to? These goddam moronic biggoted idiots are never going to accept a black person as the leader of America.

    Whether or not Palin gets in front of a mic and says that Obama has connections to this Ayers idiot is not affecting this. These clowns showing up at McCain rallies have already made up their minds that Obama is an Arab Muslim terrorist and nothing is going to change their minds.

    I kid you not - just a few weeks ago in the break room where I work a punch-clock job - I corrected a co-worker who said that Obama was a Muslim. I explained Obama's membership in a Christian church and Obama's own statements about his Christianity. Just a few days later that same guy is spewing the same BS again. They are not interested in facts, they are sticking to demagoguery and the truth will not stand in their way.

    Frankly, this shit really sickens me. I stay level headed about all of the BS coming from both sides except for this one issue, because it is serious. There are nutjobs out there who would try to assassinate a candidate over this. It's as serious as you say it is - but the blood isn't on McCain's hands. The responsibility would lie squarely with the morons themselves.
  3. History shows that very few assassinations are carried out by the typical majority opposition. Almost all assassinations are the work of one assailant without clear motives. Usually the work of a delusional personality.

    Mohandas K. Gandhi- shot by his own supporters for betrayal
    William McKinley -shot by anarchist
    James A. Garfield-shot by supporter
    Abraham Lincoln-shot by southern in state of war
    John F. Kennedy- shot no clear reason, foreign connections
    Malcolm X-shot by supporter
    King- sole shooter, unclear motives
    ---------------Unsuccessful attempts----------
    Andrew Jackson shot-shot at by insane house painter
    Theodore Roosevelt-shot by insane assailant
    Franklin D. Roosevelt- shot at by insane anti-capitalist
    Truman- Democratic Puerto Rican's seeking independence
    Richard M. Nixon-Bremer,social outcast who also shot Gov.Wallace
    Gerald R. Ford-shot at by Manson follower
    Ronald Reagan- shot by Hinckley /loner
    George H.W. Bush- Hussian attempt in Kuwait

    They have already arrested Black men with loaded guns close to Obama's house. That is where I believe the threat will come from.
    The Blacks will expect so much from Obama. Yet it may be only Obama who can change this welfare society that keeps the underclass down. Just like it took a southern LBJ to force civil rights.
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    You are the guy that swore you wouldn't be back until after the elections, aren't you?

    After 8 years of watching liberals produce both movies and plays about the assasination of the president, as well as scream bloody murder at the mention of Bush's name, hold signs up at rallies with his head in a noose, and countless other things, I simply laugh at any liberal whining at what's going on now.

    They sowed the seed, let them reap the harvest.
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  6. Don't think McCain or Palin are 'causing' anything; their rallies are just giving a platform for what's already there:

    The evening news won't touch it, but that doesn't mean it's not there. If this were a time of peace, I think that they might accept Obama but given the war... and the religious differences behind the war...and that his middle name is Hussein and his father a former Muslim...

    And it really looks like he might win. Right or wrong, populace at large is laying the blame for this mess at the feet of the Republicans.

    Some people are going to try to pin it on McCain and Palin, but it won't be their fault. This just isn't the right time for it; it's not that there are tons of radicals in the country (although we do have a much higher percentage than most other Western nations), it's that the radicals we do have are a lot more... frenzied... since 09/11/2001.

    God damn it. Don't know what we can do at this point... I guess just keep telling people the truth, emphasizing that Obama is Christian and (whatever you think of his policies) a decent man. Were I a Christian as well, I would say we should pray for him...
  7. Hey ByLowSellHi maybe if you, the liberals and the media could actually convince the American people that Obama did not have personal relationships with a terrorist and a country hating pastor than you would not have this problem.

    But instead of trying to convince anyone that Obama never had meaningful relationships with these total lunatics you and your party and the media totally disregard that topic as irrelevant when it is actually relevant to a large amount of undecided voters. Whenever a person lies they either make up a different story or totally and absolutely deny the event ever happened without any meaningful evidence of what did happen.