John Madden retires ....glory bee!

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  1. "Ahhh, did you see that? He just ran down there and cut over there and he had blockers and then ran right in there for a td. Now, wheres my bus." Trying to think of Maddenisms other than just stating the obvious ...there must be some phrase attributable to him alone.

    Who to replace him? Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, Robin Williams, Bob Costas, Brett Favre?
  2. I'd like to see a certain community organizer replace him and leave his current gig...then he's only be on TV once a week instead every freeaaking day.

  3. Glenn Beck?
  4. Nope.

    B. Hussein O.
  5. Arnie


    Nobody can "replace" Madden. One of a kind.

    Anybody seen that comedian that does a good imitation of Madden? Funny as hell.

    Here's a taste................

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  6. I heard he's now going into print modeling, you know, on account of how handsome he is

  7. Madden was the best! he'll be sadly missed. he can't be replaced.. the others are know-nothing clowns :(
  8. Madden's man-crush on Brett Favre got the better of him.
  9. timcar


    How much gas will be saved now, without Madden traveling around the country in that big-ass bus ??????
  10. Anyone else have a craving for Turducken?
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