John Mack @ Morgan Stanley Says Shorts Are Responsible

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  1. He just told the media that shorts are intentionally spreading 'fear and rumors,' and that this won't stop until something is done about it....

    From Bloomberg...breaking...
  2. bidask


    do you guys think there's something weird going on here? maybe the lehman and bear stearns traders are super pissed and they are selling GS and MS stock like mad today and convincing every institutional client who lost money in lehman and bear stearns to do the same.
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    What a joke.
  4. Dick Fuld said in March he knew LEH was next.

    Now, do you think John Mack, who currently is under SEC IG investigation, who put 5mil with Pequot, and a few months later, pulled 14 out in one deal, who 's been around longer than most guys, doesn't know to walk down to the trading desk, can't check the blotter, the back office situatioin? jCan't call another firm and see where order flow is coming from?

    He climbed in bed with the wrong guys, and they turned on him. Sometimes it just that simple.
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    where is the order flow coming from? inquiring minds wanna know!
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    Why don't MS buy back shares? They have the authority.