john lennon insulted by dishonest christians

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  1. anybody catch the balldrop ceremony last night? a performer sung a song called imagine by john lennon. john lennon was against religion and the hatred and strife it causes in our world and reflected that in his song.
    last night his song was altered in a way to make it look like he was in favor of religion changing “no religion too” to “all religion is true”.
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    Max E.

    Cant say i did..... i was too busy trying to get laid by the women who i was actually pay attention to how some artist who was 500 miles away from me named Cee-Lo Green offended some atheists by putting his own spin on a song,

    It must have been a real doozie sitting watching others peoples new years eve by yourself, as you tried to ascertain where all the "crazy christians" are. :D

    Here is my favourite song by the guy who ruined your new years ever...... (pay extra close attention to the refrain as it pretty much sums up how most people on this site feel about you.....) i think i saw him singing this last week at bible camp, the guy is clearly a big time bible thumper who is on a mission re-write the history books and convert people to christianity, 1 step at a time, starting with popular christian theme songs like "FUCK YOU." (actual song title, and his most popular song)

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  3. Figures.
    Actually, I think (not sure) it was only organized religion. Way back when I had a job doing data entry of airline tickets, and John & Yoko's tickets crossed my desk (it was NYC, you got a lot of famous people's tickets in the batch). It was a huge package: they were going to London, but were doing it by going across the US and over Asia. Lots of stops along the way.
    End of the day I asked my boss about this, and he explained they never flew into the Sun, but only in the same direction as the Sun. Always thought it was some sort of religious thing, but never did ask further about it. Still remember it though.
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    Oh the humanity!
  5. Lucrum


    Well....? :D
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    Max E.

    Struck out spectacularly, had a girl for a bit, but i kept forgetting her name, as i was far to mangled to function, so i was getting buddies to introduce themselves to her so she would say her name, after the 4th or 5th time, she realized i couldnt remember her name, and things went icy cold.

    I naievly thought i could still salvage the mission at that point, and then her sister torpedoed me at closing time and said they were going home together to their house no matter what....GAME OVER...

    I have her number, but still have no fucking clue what her name is so there is not a hell of alot i can do with that...

    Ohh well, it was still a hell of a night. :D

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    That's funny, a coworker and I walked out of a night club in Dallas years ago with a young hottie. But during the course of a meal on the way to her house we and soon after she realized we had both forgotten her name. Needless to say we crashed and burned.
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    Max E.

    LOL, yeah your pretty much screwed if you dont have another person there who shouldnt already know the name.... You should have just bribed some random person to walk up and pretend he was an old college friend of yours and ask for the name... :D

    Even at the best of times I am horrendous with names, just goes in one ear and out the other, usually i can get it after three to four times but last night was just goddamn awful, luckily my buddies are pretty good at working the scam for me,(though apparently not good enough as i got bussted) i only have to give a nod and mouth the word "name" and they know i am up shit creek with out a paddle, as they all get a kick out of how useless i am with names.... :D

    Its weird i can remember just about every number and every trade throughout a couple weeks of trading, but if someone i havent met before gives me their name it may as well be in chinese cause there is not a hope in hell im going to get it right 10 minutes later, until it has been repeated to me atleast 3-4 times.

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    I'm just as bad with names. I have relatives whose names I can't remember.
  10. I was walking into a bank and a girl was coming out, I held the door and I recognized her and said "Aren't you what's her name from you know where?"

    What a fking jerk I am. The words came out so spotaneous and natural, I didn't realize what I said. She just kept going...I'm waiting line laughing to myself.
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