John is DEAD ??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TudorJones, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Hi, there is this rumor going around that this fellow newbie wannabe trader that suffered some huge losses committed suicide:

    Can someone that live in Greensboro, NC confirm or verify this??
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    trading those stocks I could see why

    hope everything is OK
  3. I hear he is Ok as he had insurance policy to cover his debts....not the first though and won't be last. Remember that Chinese guy that headed the company selling the tainted food...
  4. where did you hear this? the blog comments have people claiming otherwise
  5. what a complete moron. This ties in with my question well, as he had stated in his blog that he loves gambling. Since the stock market is basically pure money, the people who are most attracted to it would likely be gamblers. If you're not interested in taking risks to make a lot of money (essentially - gambling), then you're probably not going to be interested in trading. So how many traders out there do not gamble in any other capacity (betting on sports, blackjack, slots, going to vegas or AC)?

    I do not. Which is why I think I might have a future in this business.

  6. Yes, you do have a future here, belly-up to the bar laddy and lay your money down.
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    I'm one of those guys who CAN'T gamble outside the financial arena. Why? Because it ain't worth getting excited or dejected (the true "benefit" of gambling) over a $25 dollar hand of BJ when I trade millions of dollars of currencies every day. Just ain't worth it.
  8. horrible logic but we can let it slide since your a noob. :)
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    You may or may not have a future in the business, but it will be helpful for you first to accept that trading is gambling and understand that some gambles are worth taking while others are foolish.

  10. trading is not gambling.
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