John Hopkins Covid site, CMS / framework layout? Data souce?

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  1. I heard that the initial John Hopkins website was created within a day.

    I like its layout and it seems to use no CMS or generator ( ). It seems to only use CSS/JS for layout and Plotly for graphs. Looking at its CSS (SCSS), it mainly uses flexbox for layout.

    If in a regular corporate setting, how long does it take to create a website of this quality (ignoring the data collection) and what technologies would likely be used?

    For the data, it says it not only uses official data (WHO, local authorities) but also social data. What likely methodology can be used to collect such covid data from social media?
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    Search "social media scrapers"... there are several. Maybe one for your usage.
  3. i know about scraping, but i am not asking about the technical process, rather the methodology to vet such covid data for a semi-official site. So it finds people on social media saying "i am very sick, i have this and that symptom" then add that to its unconfirmed data? i have no idea how to get an edge on cases over officially confirmed data
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  4. what i am trying to say is, given today's "alternative data" world, any investment analytic firms would like to be able to have created something like that. If you were running a small data visualization shop, how would you go about getting such data that an investment manager would find value in.