John Henry closes shop

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  1. they don't write stories about you if all you are is just a good consistent trader.

    You make the news when you gamble big and win.

    I don't have any problem with gambling big, but don't keep trying to do it over and over again. Especially just so people will talk about you.
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    Or gamble big and lose. You'll make the headlines that way too. I've seen a lot -- no, no, I mean A LOT of people get into the business of trading because they wanted fame. So many want to be the next Warren Buffett when Warren Buffett never intended to become Warren Buffett. He just started investing because he loved investing. I started trading because I loved trading. If you enter the business to gain fame and fortune you will get it only if it is meant to be. Those who stumble across it rarely intend to achieve it. I once heard someone refer to Buffett as a 5-sigma event. I don't think I could put it any better.

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  3. I just got into because I didn't like dealing with people. Like my boss said to me, "This would be a great business if it wasn't for the customers."
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    LOL! I've heard many customers say, "this would be a great business if it wasn't for the brokers." What a funny world we live in :D

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    I don't get this. For the past few years the market has been one of the easiest markets to trade. Aside from a few corrections it's bascially been "just buy." Granted, for the day trader the intra-day ranges have been small, at times, due to the large gaps up but there has still be money to be made. I don't know whether it was HFT, their mathematical models, policy makers, or whatever that led to their demise. It's sounds to me that they are looking for a scapegoat to blame their inability to trade the conditions of the past few years. It's like the Bears blaming the weather on their loss last night. The Texans had to play in it too. Someone is always winning.

    Go Bears! Hopefully Cutler won't be out too long and their offense will get on track. If that happens they are a dangerous team......if.....

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    the article wrote he is a trend trader while HFT is scalper trader. HFT traders were former trend traders, therefore, they have enough knowledge (advanced mathematics) on where the trend traders massive stops location. HFT scalp trades looking for massive stops orders. HFT system is built around high sophisticated institutional trend trade.

    bye bye john henry
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    He built models, he wasn't the one saying 2 years after the fact "it's easy, just buy". How would have that "just buy" strategy worked in 2008, as far as I know the "just buy" crowd got killed then. Did you have a crystal ball 2 years ago knowing what the environment would be like?
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    Ahhh..IC. I didn't read the whole article. Just what others have posted on it. That makes sense.

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