John Hagelin ... anyone following his activities?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by man, Sep 28, 2006.

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    i find him extremely inspiring and interesting. anyone else as well?
  2. I am quite surprised, I thought of you more like a Planck or Schrodinger fan.
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    i am still not sure if that is a contradicting each other.

    i find hagelin et al's claim to produce and publish statistical research
    on what they are doing very down to earth.

    i am meditating, though not TM. i know, on my low and
    therefore limited scale the effects of doing so. i could imagine
    there is much more to it.

    at all times the crowd, even the scientific crowd, was willing
    to ban new concepts as stupid wishful thinking. i would think
    einsteine faced that. as well as schrodinger, dirac, heisenberg,
    bohr, ... you name them. now, on the other hand, at all times
    there have been fools who had fantasy claims that were plain ...

    ERP seems to point in the very direction, hagelin is working in.
    but i am not a physicist at all, so cannot really follow the details
    of such a debate at all.

    and i mean, hagelin is not a fool. and he is not the only one
    adding consciousness to the equation.