John Dean Piles On and Dumps on Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Irma, Apr 6, 2004.

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  2. never occurred to you that maybe there's actually something to their accusations?

    or are you complacent with everything your government does?

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    It's mostly just spin. Did you believe everything the right said about the Clinton administration?

  4. I ordered this book for our local library...I'll give a report later.

    It's all starting to add up, but remember the right is getting a lot of media control, so who knows how much of the truth will get out.

    Dean was on NPR today talking about the book. He makes a lot of sense and raises some real issues about this administration. The secrecy is a VERY BAD THING. This is supposed to be a democracy....or was.


  5. For the most part, yes (regarding what actually went on inside the white house). I just felt that most of it was irrelevant and aimed at attacking a popular president by the republican-controlled congress.

    No doubt there's alot of spin, but spin aside, the simple fact that much of it is from former cabinet members who'd served other presidents (in both parties) makes me pretty scared about the incompetency of this administration to do anything right.

    What I find most disconcerting is their total disregard for the opinions of people who challenge their agenda -- the UN, the EPA, teachers unions, scientists, other nations, nobel laureates -- I'm sorry, but Dick Cheney couldn't even handle Yale; I consider it unbelievable hubris that he somehow thinks he knows better than all of these nobel laureates and others who have attempted to challenge his policies.

    The Iraq quagmire is case in point. Most people told them it wouldn't work, and it's not working.

    It's downright scary when the government just goes ahead and does whatever the hell it wants.
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    Most Americans disagree with you. And I feel that the coming election will prove that most Americans feel safer with a strong, conservative Republican at the helm than some liberal like Kerry.

  7. Most Americans voted in Clinton for 2 terms. Most Americans would vote in Clinton today.

    In fact, most Americans voted for Gore in 2000.

    So your argument that because most of the people vote a certain way is meaningless.

  8. The criticism of the Clinton Administration mostly came from the far right, and was focused chiefly on personal matters, as well as traditional anti liberal complaints: soft defense, environmental hypersensitivity, etc. That a Republican who was at the center of a dysfuntional white house is writing this tends to lend credence.

    Bush supporters won't flinch though, "Either your with Bush or with the terrorists, I mean the socialists, er, the Dems, you know, what I mean dang it!" Their response to any criticism is to demonize the critic, rather than address the complaint.

    It won't be long before the White House begins to use the organs of government to punish thier critics, like Nixon did with the FBI and IRS. But they will do it under the radar.

    It was sobering to read recently that the EPA was staffed at the upper levels with former lobbyists for the Power industry, while Justice was negotiating with major power companies over major chronic infractions and violations.

    EPA used regulatory language to ease enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

    It is difficult to see Bush as anything but a bag man for corporate interests.

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    Just out of curiosity, did you join ET for the sole purpose of chatting about religion and politics?
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    Maybe not. Lots of lessons were learned thirty years ago, and every Washington reporter dreams of being the next Woodward or Bernstein.
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