John Cleese on Sarah Palin

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  1. John Cleese On Sara Palin

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  2. Sounds like Obama. The only difference is he is running for the presidency.
  3. Sorry, that tired accusation can't get any traction either since Obama released a fairly detailed 60 page policy paper. Try Ayers -- guilt by association with something that happened when Obama was eight years old is sure to work.

  4. did you see the article by the guy who was 9 years old when Ayers bombed his house?
  5. You mean Axelrods 60 pager? Your video was about her experience. Just because he has 60 pages worth of shit doesn't me all of a sudden he is qualified.
  6. No, and I suspect that an eight year old Obama didn't read it either.

    (By the way, there's no evidence that Ayers was tied to that bombing.)
  7. It was?

    Since you haven't read it, your opinion is of little consequence.
  8. The Republicans spent more money on Palin's hair in September 2008 than what Joe the Plumber made the whole year in 2006, and Joe the Plumber gave more interviews!
    The hypocricy in the Republican rhetoric is mind boggling.

  9. Personally, I was appalled at the money they spent on Palin's appearance. At the same time, I have yet to see any article on the vast sums spent on Obama's perfectly tailored outfits. I'd also like to know what his campaign has spent on altering his wife's appearance and personality. I'm thinking a lot. How much are Biden's weekly botox treatments?

    As is typical, the media are only interested in stories that reflect poorly on republicans. Change the party label and this Palin story never gets published.
  10. Obama gets his suits (which he wears many times) from Hartmarx Corp.

    Feel better?
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