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    Offered for sale is John Carter Small Lot Options Course DVD. Asking price is $400 via PayPal. The course was presented by John on June 15, 2013. The DVD contents are:

    Small Lot Options Trading Strategies Course
    Course Intro and Traders Psychology (85 minutes)
    Trade Set-ups: Part 1 (78 minutes)
    Trade Set-ups: Part 2 (110 minutes)
    Course Review and Q&A Session (54 minutes)

    Small Lot Options Trading Follow-Up Videos
    Follow-up Part 1 (8 minutes)
    Follow-up Part 2 (43 minutes)
    Follow-up Part 3 (9 minutes)

    Small Lot Options Trading Homework Videos
    How To Use Fibonacci Extension and Retracement Tools in Think or Swim (7 minutes)
    Small Lot Options Webinar (88 minutes)
    The Squeeze Indicator (7 minutes)
    The ABC Waves Indicator (9 minutes)
    How to Separate the A&C Waves in Think or Swim (5 minutes)

    Additional Course Files
    The Squeeze scan for Think or Swim (code)
    The Squeeze watch list for Think or Swim (code)
    Simpler Options Indicator Guide (10 pages pdf)
    Course slides (129 pages pdf)
    Turbo Porsche Setup Slides (1 page pdf)
    Standard Deviation Spreadsheet
    8 Homework Assignments
  2. you still have these man?

    Would you ship to Sydney?
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    I have all of john carters courses, a regular member in his room, but wouldn't mind exchanging for a course you have or whatever $ you can offer in exchange
  4. unfortunately i dont have any of Johns as i was only a paid member for a couple of months and then they scrapped options trading in Australia.

    I have over 100GB of training videos from many providers, depends what you're after really
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    Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I thought elitetrader would notify me if anyone was interested. Yes I still have the small lot options course available (this is theory course only, not live trades). I also have a new course of his available called "Options Traders Success Formula" that John presented. I would ship to Sydney. Here are details on the new course (theory, John did not do any live trades with this course).

    This DVD is “The Options Traders Success Formula” as presented by John Carter from presented on August 2, 2014. The DVD includes:
    Complete webinar – 241 minutes
    Ultimate Guide to Spreads – 265 minutes
    Voodoo Lines – 71 minutes
    Squeeze Indicator – 7 minutes

    Additional Files:
    Option pricing standard deviation spreadsheet in Excel format.
    All of the slides from the webinar in pdf format.
    John’s stock watch list in a text file.
    Squeeze parameters in a text file to set up on your own platform.
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    I've got all johns courses as well..good stuff and i can share
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    The Small Lot Options Course is still available. I am asking $125 or best offer. Paypal. Thanks for looking.
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    ive got the new ETF Course by John
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  10. Hi EduTrade would be willing to do a swap with me for the trading small lot course for a course I took with Top Gun Options which cost around $3,000 as I can not be bothered to shell out money for courses again. I already know how to trade I just want to see what his method of trading is about, cheers julian
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