John Carter :Mastering the Trade, Second Edition:

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  3. I saw the first edition and was not impressed. I too wonder if the second one is better, but the first one left we rather perplexed.

    Does this guy actually trade for a living? Is there any evidence he is profitable?

    Any thoughts?
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    First edition was a piece of shit, I'm sure second is no different.
  5. The first edition of this book was probably the last book on trading I ever bought. It wasn't because it was a great book but because I realized that reading books wasn't improving my trading.

    I simply needed to practice and learn more self discipline.
  6. I'd pay for author's trading record than his book. only if he's able to show he'd eat his own cooking; show me the walk;
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    I actually like the first book. Among many things, it introduced me to Tai-Pan series.

    His health section was quite interesting as well.

    Several indicators he described, gave me some insights on areas of additional research.
  8. Interesting. As a health nut, I might check it out.
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    I participated as a gold member in his trading room and attended some of his highly expensive workshops ($500.00 each) and indicators. Some of the workshops were OK, and yes he trades for living. I was not impressed though by his knowledge especially on options trading while it is his main bread and butter; Don't read me wrong: he knows option but not at a professional level. Nor on his follow up with his premisses, e.g. finding elephant trades after an expensive workshop on that subject. I am no longer participating in his trading room.

    The one thing I can give him for granted is the monthly big picture outlook, which is great.
  10. What is it? This big picture, if you can tell us without revealing any proprietary stuff.
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