John Carter ?? Great Trader???

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    He's got a website and trading room and just wrote a book. I get his video newsletters and they seem informative, but does anyone know if he is a successful trader? I looked at his book and it just said he's been trading for 16 yrs and and has a website but is he successful? Any authors who haved showed trading statements as proof or reputations that we know that they are successful? Would this guy's methods be sound? does his site have a track record? Are members happy. Tia Steve
  2. I can't vouch for John Carter....but I do know many traders who do walk the walk. What is his strategy?
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    he is honest guy, at 1 point he run a room and send out the room performance each month in the format of a calendar, minus day show red, plus day show green. The calendars I saw were mostly red. Then he closed the room, the reason was too many people front running his calls.
  4. do you have a link to Johns site?
  5. The site you are looking for is

    I know family and friends who have paid for their services. They learned a few tricks but it did not rock their world.

    Trading is a very personal thing. Everyone's risk tolerance, starting capital, timeframe is different. No one trader has it all.
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    One old member mentioned he had John trade an account for him but he blew it up to the tune of tens of thousands.
    The thread seems to have been deleted.
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    I receive the free video newsletter that John and his partner Hubert send out daily.

    The analysis is good, and especially like the day trading style of Hubert.

    The trading signals are very visual on the charts and easy to understand. In the end, though, trader judgment will make or break a trade imo. Their trading style will not be for everyone, so results will most likely vary from trader to trader.

    I think their website is very impressive and provides a lot of information. They sell some indicators for TS and E-Siganl, which I am interested in.
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    I enjoyed reading his book. Just to check, I coded up one of his YM systems. consistently lost money, fwiw.
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    Only $300 for the indicators and all those 5 star reviews on Amazon from people who have not reviewed any other books (could be the publisher not him personally).

    I have picked up the book a couple of times in bookshops but put it down again pretty quickly.
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    I am kinda familiar with the methods and they feel logical but question wether these methods are effective. If one was to religously follow these methods, utilizing all the nuances the author proposes and rules and sentiment etc, there is no back testing or proof that you will make money in fact as vikana points out you may loose money. Isn't a book like this really kind of dangerous? But if he is a successful independent trader than there may be some credibility to his methods which feel and appear sound but still no proof. He appears to be honest but is he good? Basically, what gives him the right to state this is how a professional does it and these methods are sound without any back testing. There probably is a statement somewhere in the book that disclaims and then it's ethical? Tia Steve
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