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  1. Has anyone taken his mentorship class? As you probably noticed I use his TTM trend, BB Squeeze, not really his but free from TradeStation.

    I like free videos they send out, learned a lot from them.

    But wonder what is public's view of his training and mentorhisp program?

  2. He's a nice guy, apparently very experienced in the markets, but he wouldn't be my choice for a mentorship class.

    OK, OK ... who would be, you ask?

    Daniel Gramza, but I don't know if he takes on students. Second place goes to Doug Zalesky of TradeMaven and lastly, well I'm not sure who gets the final vote.
  3. Mandle..
    assume you are reffering to Daniel Gramza from CME group...I know he speaks at events but does not train , I don't think.

    Don't the know guy from TrdeMaven. I need to polish up on YM trading.
  4. ssblack


    No experience with the mentor program, but Carter is a good guy on a personal level.
  5. Once you start putting the building blocks in place ALL trading is the same.
  6. Well I've listen to him once and read his book. I do't think he comes accross as sleazy sales man, same goes for Hubert Senters...both seem to be straightforward type of guys...and hellava salesman anyway.
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    Have seen John Carter and Hubert in person several times. He's a legit trader. However, he's oriented towards daytrading. You need to decide if intraday is your gig.

    Have also seen Dan Gramza a few times. His systems are very simple to follow and his advice is great. He has several free webinars on the CME site that I suggest you check out. Definitely a good guy and is not trying to sell you anything (which Carter and Senters are trying to do).

    My thoughts....
  8. I heard Alex from Puretick took his mentorship.

    Alex W. - Can you comment?
  9. Shagi


    So whats Carter & Co's motivation to teach so much if they are such great traders? Why need the income from selling TTM's or BBM's or whatever?
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    Regarding their reason for wanting to make money teaching - you'd have to ask John Carter I guess. It's certainly a nice additional income stream for them but that's not always the motivation with those kinds of guys. Many times it gives them an opportunity to balance their lives by getting out of their trading offices and interacting with other people which I can totally understand having traded myself for some time.
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