John Carter course for the eminis

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by jcstylin, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. jcstylin


    iJust wondering if anyone has taken the course with john Carter. I believe you go to Texas for 5 days and pay like 7500 dollars and he sets up a trading plan for you and you watch how he trades. Any feedback would be great.


    p.s. Ido have his book
  2. lwlee


    Carter is one of the better educator in my opinion. With that said, I personally think the course is a little pricey but if you have the money and prefer hand holding, you probably can't do much worse.

    His book and many webinars available free online are a better value for the DIYers.
  3. Get his and Hubert's newsletters for a month first. You can look through there archived videos of trades taken live. It's not that complicated what they do. One month should be enough and you've saved $7400. If nothing else you'll have a better idea if you want to spend that kind of money. I took their newsletters for a couple of months and it was worth the money, at the time it was $79/mo. for both. I wasn't going to take the second month but I didn't cancel in time. There were guys posting in their online forum that were in their live trading room who had been trading with them for months who still were losing money. I don't know if they couldn't follow the calls or the calls were losing.
  4. lwlee


    I agree about the newsletter. I only subscribe to the free one. But I look forward to it every night. If I didn't already pay for a squawk service, I would consider paying for john's newsletter. His explanation are clear and concise.
  5. did anyone ever see his track record for live trading - how much money is he managing ? and if he is not - his course is very very pricey