John Carter Consistent Traders Mastery Class DVD 2015

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  1. priced at $50 discount. Just need to recoup some cash, I buy everything he sells.

    Asking $250 firm

    I also have LAYUPS STRATEGIES DVD 2015 class - for $250 firm.

    BOTH RETAIL at $300 each.

    both DVD's are also mint.

    PAYPAL only. Funds must clear & I will ship for free.
  2. RedDuke


    Good luck giving them away for free. Really funny post, it is good to start a week with a laugh.
  3. PS-- Does it come with this educational video??

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  4. 3D?

  5. EPrado


  6. EPrado


    I forgot about that video. Wow.

    The price on these DVD's is nearing limit down !!
  7. RedDuke


    Wow. Just watched the video. Great stuff.
  8. Cswim63


    John Carter says mayonnaise is bad for you. Really he said that somewhere in his emails I used to get. On that basis alone I wouldn't listen. Have you ever tried to trade and eat a tuna sandwich hold the mayo? I rest my case
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  9. RedDuke


    I did buy and read his first book. Some of his indicators gave me good ideas to try. Also, I am very greatful to him for mentioning a book called Tai-Pan. This introduced me to James Clavell.
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