John Carter charges 25K per week per person for mentoring ???

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    I was reading SFO magazine, September issue, and there was an article mentioning that John Carter from TradeTheMarkets charges 25K for week when you go and sit with him is his office for mentoring. And that he is booked for next 12 month. The text was written in a way where it looked like there could be more than 1 person at this mentoring.

    This made me thinking, he mostly day trades, so what is his incentive to trade with this kind of $ as instructor. And if he does not trade, why would people pay so much.

    There is ET member (can not remember handle), who has been here for many years, that gave John his capital to manage, and John failed miserably.

    So, is John a liar who can not even trade? He is a great presenter, but that is not what people pay 25K for, or is it?

  2. I'd first of all question the validity of his "being booked for the next 12 months". Basically you are taking his word for it, as that would be near impossible to confirm.

    Kinda reminds me of a realtor saying we have 5 other people looking at this property and one of them will make me an offer tonight. Car dealers, etc, etc...

    Marketing technique.
  3. My hat's off to'em.

    He is the consumate salesman, and is making loot without actually having to prove that he has the goods.

    That's the way things really work.

    He can make a lot more gauranteed revenue by mentoring than he can by daytrading. It also gives him a social outlet, and of course, feeds his EGO. A lot of people do things for EGO reason, at the end of the day.

    That would be Vienna.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that. Unless you've seen his brokerage statements, you really don't know how he trades or whether he has improved substantially since he lost Vienna's $80,000 dollars.

    I will agree with you that he is a very good presenter, with the looks and charm to (obviously) pull off a scam, if that is indeed what he is doing.
  4. I get Carter's nightly videos because they are actually quite good. He has a pretty good eye for the markets but it has "marketing" written all over it. If he can present a verifiable track record then it may be worth it to spend a week with him but you simply can't learn how to trade in a week watching anyone. It takes years.
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    The article was not written by him. He was only briefly mentioned by the author. The author did mention that John's fees are the highest he knows off.
  6. Right, I understand he didnt write the article. The fact of the matter is that the person who did write the article wouldn't be inclined to press him on the issue of whether or not he is booked for the rest of the year.
  7. The article probably was written under the guise that he is booked through the year, when actually for all we know he has ONE person who paid him that amount of money to erstwhile "learn to trade" (LOL).

    That's the job of the writer (especially for this business), to write to the lowest common denominator and gloss over the facts ... didn't anyone see Pab(s)t Prime's article? .... LOL again.
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    I've never talked to John before but I am familiar with his site. A friend of my from HS has become very good friends with is partner Hubert via Yanik Silver's marketing and mastermind groups. By what I have heard John and Hurbert have varifiable income of over a quarter million dollars per month from the website, which does not suprise me. There is a lot of money in selling shovels.
  9. I will give you the first mentoring lesson for free:

    If you want to get rid of your money, donate it to a charitable instution.
  10. :D ... Bottom Line (that's why I ain't mad at'em. Nope, not at all).
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